Who are BREWDAZ?

Sergio, Julian, Manoj, Thomas and Kim were best friends. Now they are Brewdaz. How did this happen? The story began on a lovely late summer evening on a terrace. Everything was perfect: The bratwursts, the music and the good company. Only the beer tasted like wet cardboard. Kim was raving about his 20L homebrew equipment and everybody was all ears. He reported of a mysterious fallow ground where one could obtain space for innovative projects which started the ball rolling.

One month later our own Beerwagon obtained from Walo was placed on the fallow ground Guggach right in front of the SRF radiostudio. Two years passed by since then and the initial 20L set up with the five friends grew into a Brewderhood (club) with one aim: Break all beer boundaries and develop new beer sensations for daring palates. Now you have the unique opportunity to support us in our new project: Our own brewery!

Visit us on www.BREWDAZ.ch and get additional information on our brewclub and our beers.

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Why should I drink BREWDAZ beer?

The best reason to drink BRWEDAZ beer is the love and passion you get from every bottle. Therefore, we would like to introduce ourselves:

Julian: https://wemakeit.com/users/julian-aebersold

Kim: https://wemakeit.com/users/kim-mishra-2017

Sergio: https://wemakeit.com/users/sergio-95

Manoj: https://wemakeit.com/users/manoj

Thomas: https://wemakeit.com/users/thomi-2

Only recently Janek and Jorim joined the BREWDAZ team:

Janek: https://wemakeit.com/users/janek

Jorim: https://wemakeit.com/users/jorim-urner

BREWDAZ beers are known for their originality and way of production. Each beer has its own story and represents an evolution process between brewer and beer. Several batches are required until a beer reaches the desired taste. Sometimes it works the other way around, and the beer forms the brewer to its taste instead. For example the Hippiekuss. We intended a pale ale with hints of dragon flower. However, by a misunderstanding a way to high amount of dragon flower was thrown into the brew kettle. Instead of the slight hint of dragon flower we created a dragon flower massacre in our noses. Love at first sight. In a second stage we decided to substitute the ale yeast with a lambic blend. This blend contains besides classical ale yeast other types of microorganisms: Wild yeast (Brettanomyces strains), lactic acid bacteria and pediococcus. This potent blend could hold up with the strong dragon flower aroma and enhanced the overall complexity of the Hippiekuss. Furthermore, the lactic acid bacteria give the beer a nice sour palate. In a collaboration with «ValeFritz» and his pop up series «WoodFood» we created a special edition of the Hippiekuss: The WoodBrew. We added roasted flakes of swiss pine to further aromatize the beer.

Imagine yourself pouring your guests a nice Hippiekuss alongside with an Apero out of an 750ml Champagnebottle! Or walking down into your beer cellar on a cold winter day and discovering that you still have some last year imperial stout left which you will savour in front of your chimney!

Enough of the sales talk, see yourself:


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Our dream - your support!

It dawned on us during an icy (-8°C) brewsunday when our water hose froze completely before we even saw a single drop of water coming out: We need a brewery and we need it before winter comes!

Currently our beer production is barely enough to quench the thirst of our clubmembers. However, our goal is to deliver BREWDAZ beer to everybody who wants to try it. In order to accomplish this goal we need money. And we need lots of it. Here is a rough outline on how we plan to set up our small brewery:

  1. January 2018: We found an AG. For this we need 50’000 CHF on a banc account. The 50’000 will be gathered by the crowdfunding money, the money from our brew club and our personal money.

  2. February 2018: We sign the rental contract for the 200m^2 commercial space next to Hardplatz. Equipped with heavy current, floordrains, water pipes and ventilation we are ready to brew. The rental deposit amounts to 13’200 Fr.

  3. February/March 2018: The BREWDAZ lay hands on the new site in order to meet with the current legal regulations. Corners are smoothed out so that no grain of dust may survive the cleaning of the floors and so on.

  4. March 2018: We install the new 240L double jacketed Speidel fermenters. Each fermenter is regulated via a thermometer which connects to a magnetic valve. As soon as the temperature rises, the valve pops open and cold water rushes through the double jacket.

  5. April 2018: Julian will be contracted as brewer. He is going to brew and distribute the beer. Bottling will still be performed by all BREWDAZ during the weekends.

  6. Mai 2018: We inaugurate our brewery together with all our backers. This hopefully includes YOU!

FAQ: How do I get my rewards?

If shipping is not included in the reward, you must pick up your rewards at either our brewing wagon next to tramhaltestelle Radiostudio or at our new location right at bushaltestelle hardplatz. You will be informed about the dates and times. Of course we are able to send you the rewards but in said case we have to bill you the shipment. If you purchase «Brew with the BREWDAZ», «Brew with a friend», «BREWDAZ express», «BREWDAZ Party», «Corporate brewing workshop» and «BREWDAZ ultimate» we will send you a voucher by postal services or Email, so that you will receive them before christmas if possible.

FAQ: When do I get my rewards?

All non beer rewards will be delivered/manufactures as soon as possible. We plan on deliver the beer rewards from May 2018. FAQ: How long can I keep the beer?

12 Months from bottling date. Dark varieties and sour ales can be aged longer without problems.

FAQ: What does your name mean?

BREWDAZ [bruːdæz] or [bruːdəz] is the fusion of«brew» and «brothers».

FAQ: There exists too much craft beer already! Why shouldn’t I buy a Chopfab instead of supporting you guys?

There is never enough beer. We don’t brew craft beer we brew BREWDAZ beer. Chopfab is nice too. Try the «trüb».

FAQ: How many Liters of beer are you going to produce monthly?

We aim at 1000L per month.

FAQ: In the Cost calculation (picture below) the pump, heat exchanger and brewing house are not listed?

The brewing house is kindly provided by a benefactor. We already have a pump and a heat exchanger.

FAQ: How are you going to bottle and label? All by hand. All by hand.

Still have questions? Write us an email to contact@brewdaz.ch or just post a comment. We are thankful for all kinds of inputs.

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