The original Musical « Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein » starts end of August 2016!

Soundcheck has been done and the spotlights are on. Voices are warming up, soloists are getting ready and the scenery is under construction

But... we’re missing the costumes!

We’ll have to measure, stitch, sew velvet, cotton and silk... We need to obtain buttons, elastics, zipper and scratches... hats, boots and shoes.

We need you in order to create exceptional costumes!

In Cologny, near Geneva, in June 1816, a Creature that will change the history of literature forever was born. A night without stars, in the middle of a «summer without summer» gave birth to the last myth: «Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus».

200 years later, in order to commemorate this anniversary, a Musical is being created. Adapted from the original book, «Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein» is a romantic musical combining vocal, theatrical and musical performances. This new show is spectacular and aimed for all audiences.

The show is produced by the Frankenstein Association, that is represented by l’Ensemble Vocal Bis (VD) and the Académie professionnelle de comédie musicale, ACMGE Pro (GE). 

Directed by Bernard Novet, original music by Stanislas Romanowski.

The teaser

Lost on the floe while looking for the North Pole, the ambitious explorer Robert Walton saves a young Swiss doctor, Victor Frankenstein, from a certain death. He was wandering in pursuit of the evil Creature he created out of dead human bodies pieces.

While Frankenstein is narrating his cruel destiny to Walton – a destiny that made him lose his family and his fiancée – the Creature shows up and the horizon goes upside down.

Will you be part of the 3’000 spectators we’re expecting?

The costs

The organization of such a professional project amounts to a total budget of more than CHF 300’000. Composers, actors, coaches, stage set, light, sound, technicians, advertising and insurances, everything had to be calculated to the penny, without extras.

To allow as many people as possible to come and discover this Swiss creation, we decided to keep the ticket prices as reasonable as possible. After several months of fundraising, and thanks to the support of private and institutional sponsors, we are only left with the costumes budget to finance.

This is the reason why we are calling out to you!

The Rewards

We did our best to assure you attractive and special prices. Hope you will find what could match you the best...

The presenter

To make you live an exceptional month, we, David and Florane, are going to present the protagonists of this incredible project!

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The artists need you.