🥳...HAPPY NEW YEAR – WE REACHED 15%!!By Bonny, on 10/1/2022 16:03

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Happy New Year, dear Treasure-People!

With your generous support, we have managed to reach 15% of our fundraising goal. A big «Thank you!» to each and every one who has backed, shared, and gotten involved – we are very grateful for all your support!

Yes, we are excited to get this campaign off the ground and determined to meet and hopefully even exceed the goal, but we can’t do it without you! We are still 8,300 Euro short of our funding goal with only 26 days left to go!

Always remember that together we can do great things! So please, spread the word and pass-on our campaign to as many people as you can, share with them our story! We are happy to supply you with update material on the Campaign and the Project for easy sharing with your people on Whatsapp and email once a week. Just send us a message! You can reach us on +254 721 821976 or via boniface@treasuresofkenya.com . We are looking forward to getting to know you, too.

🏡The Treasure Hub - Latest news and progress!

We moved in on 22nd and 23rd of December. Since then, we have been installing ourselves at the house, with everything still improvised and sort of makeshift. But, we are online and raring to go!

Maggy has already started digging in the garden to make use of the short rains. Special thanks go out to our resident volunteers Marie and Seraphin who have being helping us with moving in, setting up and fixing a few small things around the house.

And what a delight, we have to tell you, it was for us when we received a very precious Christmas present for our start by them! Thanks again Marie and Seraphin, the beehive is such a wonderful gift, hopefully the first of many! We are really looking forward to producing sweet honey in our new home base…

Speaking of honey, although the new Treasure Hub has stirred much excitement, our regular project work continues. So we are also planning to pay a visit to our beekeeping friends/partners in Baringo County mid of January. But that is another story to be told soon – so stay tuned!

We’re doing this, people! Help us to get the rest of the way there. Thank you for everything!

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