«Business Conscious» revolutionizes leadership and governance. As an essential guide for visionary executives and leaders, it offers innovative strategies to ensure the sustainability of their organiz

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BUSINESS CONSCIENT: the book that's revolutionising organisations!

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with a number of leading organisations such as Vaillant , the Phida Group, Transports Publics Genevois (TPG) and the Lausanne Water Department, helping them to tackle complex new challenges and achieve their strategic objectives. To do this, I invented a unique method for making employees more autonomous, more effective and more committed to corporate projects, one of whose programmes won the 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐱 𝐑𝐇 𝐍𝐮𝐦𝐞́𝐫𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐞 𝐒𝐮𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞. 🏆

From this impetus was born the desire to go further, by sharing these extraordinary experiences of transformation where many talents were revealed, with all those who question the evolution of leadership and the place of the Human in the company.

👉 With BUSINESS CONSCIENT, I reveal this method in a disruptive form with a more humanist vision of business. This participatory book is co-written with experts committed to the fields of sustainability, collective and emotional intelligence, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and change management.

Through this book, I am keen to bring about the emergence of a new community of enlightened, inspired and inspiring leaders, motivated to reinvent the forms of governance adapted to the new paradigm of the labour market. ✨

🎯 The ultimate aim is to cultivate a new consciousness within organisations, by promoting bonds of trust and shared values to enable the development of levers for sustainable and conscious growth.

BUSINESS CONSCIENT aims to encourage the harmonisation of human relationships for both greater well-being and performance.

  • Ikaara's 2 co-pilots
    Ikaara's 2 co-pilots
  • Front cover
    Front cover
  • 4th cover page
    4th cover page
  • Maquette du livre
    Maquette du livre

Embark with us towards new horizons!

💬 Here are a few testimonials from clients following the coaching sessions, the case studies of which are explained in the book:

💁‍♀️ «It brought me face to face with myself and even though I found it difficult to confront certain things, it enlightened me to the fact that I didn’t dare to challenge myself.»

👩‍💼 «I still feel the energy of that programme, even though it was 4 years ago. It was powerful what was going on.»

👨‍💼 «I learned to be a manager who works with collective intelligence. In fact, that’s how we reorganised the way my business operates, through collective workshops in which every member of staff worked on the restructuring.»

With the active participation of our customers and partners:

  • Sébastien APOTHELOZ, Director of the Lausanne Water Department
  • Bastien SAUVE, CEO Phida Groupe
  • Marc DEFALQUE, Director of Marketing, Sales and Communications, TPG
  • Guillaume MEYER, Director of Information Systems, TPG
  • Jean-Marie BUCHILLY, Director of Innovation and Customer Relations Lausanne
  • Letizia GOLAY, Director of Development TPG
  • Tobias LOHER, Sales Director Vaillant Switzerland
  • Gilles MULHAUSER, Director Office Cantonal de l’eau Genève
  • Sophie HERTAULT, Deputy Managing Director FER

And our co-authors :

  • Chantal Baer: Founder Admarka and Swiss House of Brands
  • Raphaële Alcaras: Coach and trainer in leadership and managerial posture
  • Olivier Zara: expert in collective intelligence and decision-making excellence

Nous vous réservons quelques surprises et d’autres co-auteurs sont en cours de discussion ! 🎉

Christian Buschbeck
Christian Buschbeck

Support us and become an agent of change! 🤩

The funds raised will be used to finalise the writing of the book and the communications to promote it, as well as to publish the book.

1st level: CHF 10,000: to finalise the writing and publishing of the book Business Conscient

This level is mainly intended to enrich the current book with the contributions of all the co-authors who are joining in this magnificent adventure of co-creation. It will also enable the book to be printed.

2nd level: From CHF 15,000 to finance the communications campaign to publicise the book and develop the community of responsible and humanist leaders.

To publicise the book, we are planning a communication campaign using digital media (social networks, website, emailing, advertising).