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We dream of improving the society around us through chocolate and self-awareness. Nine chocolates, nine powerful messages and nine Swiss ONGs. Support our project and be part of the change.

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Concluded on 21/3/2020

Changing the world through chocolate

What would the world look like if there were no borders? Which changes would we witness if diversity was seen as an extraordinary strength, rather than as a disadvantage? How would we treat our planet if we were all destined to live here forever?

At Cadesio, we like to think that there are no limits to how beautiful the world could look like. We are convinced that we can have an impact, and we want to move towards a future that is more respectful of the elements that surround us.

Companies have a major responsibility in our society, and we want to prove, through our nine chocolates, that these can merge business and responsible actions. Hanami, Muditā, Nadi, Córe, Iride, Mesa, Gea, Santiago and Ventu, each has a unique story, an innovative blend of flavors and a powerful message. Which one do you chose?

Inspire, support and act

Each chocolate was developed on three axes: inspire, support and act.

To inspire means making others aware of their potential, and getting them to turn their dreams into reality. Our nine chocolates and their designs have been studied down to the smallest detail, so that you can find the courage to believe in yourself, and in the infinite power of your desires.

To support means believing that a spirit of community is essential for any kind of change to happen. Our chocolates support nine Swiss non-profit organisations which, day after day, fight to create a better society.

To act means being ready to lead by example for all changes we wish to witness in the world. Each chocolate has encouraged us to implement different actions in our daily operations, such as a packaging without plastic nor aluminum.

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?

A small action can generate a huge change. And so can our choices. This belief is what brought us to follow our ambitious dream: changing the world through chocolate. Up to this point, we have used our own savings to buy all equipment necessary to develop our product line, and our plastic and aluminum free packaging. We manufacture and package each chocolate by hand in a small laboratory that we rented a few months ago in Lausanne. Today, we are in this platform because we need your help to spread our message, and to continue our adventure.

By supporting our cause, you will make Cadesio available on the market, and you will contribute to the amazing job our nine ONGs do on a daily basis. The ONGs supported by Cadesio are the following:

  • Association Alzheimer Vaud
  • Association Les Ateliers du Coeur
  • Association Lire et Écrire
  • Association Paires
  • Association Romande Trisomie 21
  • Fondation Planètes Enfants Malades
  • Les Cartons du Coeur
  • myclimate
  • Summit Foundation