Giving a new patisserie / sweetshop to Nyon and surrounding area

Hi all, I am a mom of a 5 year old, and I moved to Nyon 3 years ago due to my husbands work relocation. I’ve started baking cakes for family and friends and after a great feedback, I was encouraged to start doing it more professionally. I’ve had a tremendous support from my local community and was encouraged by everyone. 3 years and many customers later, I’ve decided that it is time to expand the business to a full professional level and to give my present and future customers, as well as the community of Nyon and surrounding area a new sweet shop, which they will be able to visit on daily basis and enjoy the little sweet things on the spot.


Many satisfied customers ...

For the quality of my products many happy customers can testify

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This is what I need backing for...

My goal is to open a small takeaway shop and later on expand it to something bigger. I am currently working alone, but will definitely need additional help once the shop is open.

My plan is to take cake orders as usual, and to have a store front with daily special sweets to go, with coffee and tea and also to sell pre-packed assorted sweets. I would also introduce healthy vegan raw cakes and other sweets.

I need funding to equip the shop and the kitchen with baking appliances and to decorate the shop, as well as the first few months rent. The equipment I will need is:

  • 1 big frigo-vitrine fort he front
  • 1 Working desk / shelves for the front
  • 2 refrigerators
  • 1 freezer
  • 1 professional oven
  • 1 coffee machine with grinder
  • 2 working desks for the kitchen
  • Disheahsing element
  • Decoration (window logo, shelves, cups and plates etc).
  • first two month rents

Main reason I am asking for funds is because my husband is currently unemployed, and we are not able to pay everything on our own. I’ve waited as long as I could, trying to fulfil all the orders from my kitchen, but recently the number of orders become overwhelming to handle from my small kitchen, hence the need to reach out for help.

Some of the orders for the month of March

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