The starting point is a Swiss post bus which is converted with the needs of creative professionals in mind. That’s how cartouche combines creative working and mobility in a truly unique way.

The vehicle offers a space for creative travellers to work, sleep and to be catered for. Materials, objects or tools can be easily stored inside the studio bus. It’s a base for a group of up to 8 people.

cartouche provides a new form of think tank or studio situation. You will be open to new perspectives because being on the road means leaving your regular environment behind.

The strength of the project is facilitating creative collaboration in an exceptional environment. cartouche also stands out physically with a body length of almost eleven meters.


Converting a legendary Saurer post bus

With sophisticated interiors, the vehicle offers an exclusive look and feel and combines key facilities for creative professionals.

The facilities offer 9 bunks, a kitchenette, 8 passenger seats, a gas stove, a fridge, running water out of a tank, a sink, awning, tables and benches for outside, electricity out of solar energy or battery, and a bicycle mount.

The interior is mostly made out of wood and therefore comfortable and convenient. For every passenger there’s a personal storage room. Additional tools can be stored in the luggage compartment accessible from the outside.

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That’s why we need your financial support

The materials and machines for the interiors and the repainting of the car body cost CHF 30’000. This exceeds our financial limits. That’s why you are really important to us! The crowdfunded money will help us to realise our goal. And when our goal is finished, you’ll get a new possibility for creative activities.

Within two years we established around two thirds of the project independently. Now, only one third is missing.

The work can continue

We are glad to be able to continue to work professionally with the interiors while the outside work will be done by a company. As soon as the crowdfunding achieves its goal we can buy the materials and machines and give the vehicle to the paint experts for a month to finish their job.

Thank you for your support!

We appreciate your support and hope that you’ll have fun with one of our custom made rewards. That’s how you will get directly in contact with the bus or ourselves.

On our website there are a lot of details and pictures: project introduction (english)

«I want to support, but I have difficulties on wemakeit or I don’t have a credit card. How can I donate?»

Of course! All donations are welcome! Use our donation option on our website.


Our goal

With cartouche we want to create a new experience to creatively work on the way! Imagine leaving your regular work environment, your studio or your office and going onto a inspiring journey of work.

Because being on the road means getting new perspectives, releasing new impulses and unexpected personal energies. This is where a compelling idea or a dazzling completion lies within a tangible reach.