What’s it about?

My trilingual CD AUTOVÍA is recorded… and needs to be pressed and promoted to reach your ears! Eleven songs in German, English and French, with real musicians playing real instruments. Songs about time, terrorism, hysteria, Geneva and the wounds and miracles of love. Enter into a Road-Movie for the ears, and be moved.

You can hear teasers of all songs on my website www.georgeleitenberger.com

Who’s playing?

Nine musicians from Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, France and the UK. The album was written and produced by George Leitenberger, a trilingual singer-songwriter based in Geneva for the past 12 years, after having lived and worked in London and Berlin. George plays with various bands and organises, with the love of his life, legendary SOIR BLEUs in his private studio.


Why crowdfund?

Fed up with the industry’s exploitation, George left his label and now is recording, producing, printing and promoting his CDs with a few well-chosen independent partners.

What’s the money for?

The crowdfunding contributions will finance the pressing of 2000 CDs with a 28-page booklet, including full lyrics and art photos, as well as CD promotion throughout Switzerland and Germany (specialised magazines and websites, radio shows, etc.)