CD Project Jacob Kirkman

by Medea Bindewald

Mountsorrel, Goudhurst, and Worms

I have recorded music by the London composer Jacob Kirkman on historical keyboard instruments from the Finchcocks Collection. With your help I will be able to release the CD in 2016!

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Project prfile

This CD project features the nearly forgotten composer Jacob Kirkman (1746-1812) and a unique but much-neglected musical genre, the keyboard repertoire with violin accompaniment. It is one of the last recordings made at the magical setting of Finchcocks Musical Museum before its closure. To my knowledge, the selected repertoire has not been recorded before.

Who is involved in this project?

The «main actors» are a double manual harpsichord, built in 1756 by the composer’s uncle (!), and a 1795 Broadwood square piano. People involved in the project, apart from me as the project initiator, are:

The music

Comprising solo harpsichord and square piano pieces as well as duo repertoire, the recording presents four different sound combinations for the listener to explore. The music is charming, entertaining, sometimes utterly virtuosic, sometimes as simple as a children’s tune. It has been a pleasure to play and record the pieces, and we got a lot of positive encouragement from our concert audiences. More information about Jacob Kirkman can be found in my article «Jacob Kirkman: portrait of a little known composer», published in the British Harpsichord Society’s online magazine Sounding Board in August 2016.

Why support this project?

If you are in favour of exploring things slightly off the beaten track, this project is for you. You are offered the chance to discover unknown repertoire and to play an important role in the process of creating something unique. With your generous support you will not only help preserve a valuable legacy of English 18th century culture, but also help me take another step forward in my career as a professional harpsichordist. There is a range of attractive rewards for you to choose from.

About me

I am a professional harpsichord player from Germany. Having lived in the UK for nearly six years, the Kirkman production is part of my engagement with the vibrant musical past of my host country. I have worked with the London-based Dutch-French violinist Nicolette Moonen since 2012. It is a suitable coincidence that the composer Kirkman was an immigrant, too!

Financing the production

The costs for the production amount to € 10.500 in total. Expenses include:

  • hire of the venue and the instruments
  • hire of technical equipment
  • tuning of the instruments
  • producing/sound engineering
  • photography
  • travel expenses and accommodation
  • CD cover and booklet design
  • production of a promotional video and last but not least
  • print and press of 2000 CDs.

€ 3.500 have already been spent on the production; these costs have been partly covered by a CD subscription scheme which has helped to raise € 850. I am extremely grateful to my subscribers!

With this campaign, I hope to raise € 7000 for the outstanding costs. Anything that exceeds this target will go towards the considerable expenses of € 2150 that I already have incurred.

My previous album

My first CD with works by the French composer Jacques Duphly (Coviello Classics, 2014, with Nicolette Moonen, violin) was awarded «5 de Diapason» by the French classical music magazine Diapason. To listen to a sound sample or buy the CD please visit the Hyphen Press website.

Further ways to support me

Other than by purchasing a reward or by donating, you can support me by sharing this campaign on social media. You may also consider registering as a fan on my HELLO STAGE profile. Hello Stage fans of mine receive a monthly newsletter about my concerts and activities via email. The service is free of charge. Every single fan means a lot to me!