Chernobyl – Remember the aftermath

by MarcoCortesi


I would like to continue my photographic project about Chernobyl, started in 2011, and publish it as a book.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 10/6/2013

The project is on stand-by but not deadBy MarcoCortesi, on 22/10/2019

Hello everybody, I would like to inform that the project is not dead. I can understand that waiting could be irritating (I crowdfunded project too), but I had some «problem» on the way. The editor who was interested in publishing the book disappeared and the photographer I paid for the editing disappeared too. That means I need to do everything alone, and the cost will be higher as expected, but as I don’t want to ask for more money to the community, I just need more time to save money to invest on this project. I contacted a book designer a couple of years ago but asked many thousands euros (only for the design), so I had to skip. I also need to self publish the book, but, as you can imagine, this has a cost too. I could easily do a book just using an online service, print 20 books for the reward, but I prefer to wait and do something more interesting, first of all to me, but also to you. I will try to give extra reward as everything will be finish, to thank you for the patience.

During last years I also invested a LOT of time (and money) to grow LuganoPhotoDays, the photo festival I founded in 2012. I know this isn’t related to my Chernobyl project directly, but as you founded a photo book, maybe you’re happy to know there is this kind of festival too, where I also give visibility to other crowdfunded photo project.

I’m willing to answer to all your questions, also by email (maybe it’s easier than the comments). My contact is

All the best and thank you again for your patience. Marco Cortesi

Travel to ChernobylBy MarcoCortesi, on 01/02/2014

In one week I’ll be back to Chernobyl again for some days to finally continue my project!

Thank you!By MarcoCortesi, on 10/06/2013

Grazie! Thank you! Merci! Danke!

Target reached and passed!By MarcoCortesi, on 05/06/2013

Thank you everybody in supporting this project and helping me to get it real!

It’s still possible to back the project during next 4 days. With more than 100% I can stay there longer and do an even more in-depth project.

HomepageBy MarcoCortesi, on 10/05/2013

Thank to post the project on the homepage!

50%By MarcoCortesi, on 09/05/2013

Thank you!

47% in 12 daysBy MarcoCortesi, on 09/05/2013

47% financed in 12 days. Almost the half. Thank you so much! Please continue to support this project and share it to everybody could be interested, so it can reach 100%.

Some days ago I was speaking with a VII photographer who went there many times, he gave me some useful information.