Why Siena needs your support ...

Markus, Michael & Christina have been working on the children’s book series «Siena» for about three years. The first adventure was published, with great difficulties in distribution, with a small publishing house. Now, with your help, we would like to manage the production for the second volume ourselves. We have allready made a lot of contacts, which ensure that our book is now reaching its goal of being available to children. Half of the budget we have already provided from our own pocket. For the complete financing we ask for your energetic support!

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Siena is different – our goal!

Siena experiences the stories behind the stories. Inquisitive, like red river hogs are, she travels with her friends through time. Visit famous places and experiences quite different adventures. Stories that inspire the imagination of the young readers, on the other hand, make the well-known, handed down stories. And at a high level. Thus (reading) Siena’s adventures playfully supports the vocabulary and the cultural and historical knowledge of our target audience. By the way, since the first written line, 10% of the sale proceeds from Siena’s adventure go to charities!


Siena is born

The origin of Siena is quite unusual. Three partners in three different locations: Pressbaum, Vienna and London. Between Markus, Michael and Christina, manuscripts, sketches, ideas change place and ideas… Already in the first steps, we integrate various feedback groups (children, educators, booksellers, etc.) into the development of new adventures. We listen and improve our project with every step. And just before the publication, we ask again for a «mixed» group. Why is that so important to us? Because we like to bring our project forward together and so get the best out of it.

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Special rewards that you can not buy!

Stickers, buttons, handsigned books, a lunch with the authors, a personal reading or a framed original sketch from the book? For your support, there are really good «thank-you’s». Only available through our campaign and otherwise … for no money in the world! Please note, that the book itself is only available in German … but we’re working on it :-)

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