New chocolate machine

I’m fascinated by the craft of chocolate and while doing my job, I was able to see behind the scenes of the industrial manufacture of confectionery. At the beginning of this year I decided that smaller companies should also benefit from such machines. We have formed a team with different experiences from different fields with the aim to develop a compact and flexible chocolate machine that meets the requirements of smaller confectioners and chocolatiers. The main purpose of the machine is to support the complex production of filled pralines. The machine can process chocolate and fillings at the same time, due to the exact dosing the chocolate remains on the outside and the filling on the inside, creating a delicious praline with just one go.

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Our schedule

2021 Q4
We are currently in the process of building and programming the prototype. The prototype should be fully functional and tested by the end of this year
2022 Q1
Beginning of next year we present the machine to potential customers. The goal is to convince them to place an order.
2022 Q2
As soon as we have 5 orders, our bank will financially support us with the production of the first 10 machines.
2022 Q3
The first machines are delivered to our customers. So the machine can already support our customers with the Christmas production.


This is what I need backing for.

We are currently in the process of building a prototype and testing it. We need to present our prototype and its capability so that the confectioners and chocolatiers can be convinced of our machine and order it. Together with our bank and the BG-OST we found a solution to finance the first orders. But we need your support to bridge the time until we have the orders of our customers.

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