This art-travel book leads the reader on the paths of European cities with their wild works of art, it tells about local delights and old living architecture of stadiums.

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«Ahoy on your trip»

Dear Madam, dear Sir – welcome

Our arty travel book takes the interested observer and the discoverer with a spirit of adventure to places of street art, to local food and to pitches and stages almost having been forgotten or never really been discovered before. Look at the city, taste the buffet of delicatessen and dive in to a world where the old walls of the stadium with wild creepers are the centre of games. Winding paths in the cities, lonely ways far from tourists, street art on walls, smells from taverns in crooked buildings and soccer clubs that make a bare living but nevertheless reach for the stars.

We travelled to nine cities (Aarau, Wien, Lisboa, Praha, Napoli/Ischia, Berlin, Istanbul, Potsdam, Hamburg), discovering and exploring, making new experiences and collected them in a book. This book fits in every pocket, it weathers a shower and doesn’t really fear a light fire. Once handmade bound it will be ready for a journey with his or her reader.

But first of all we must print it and therefore we need some money. Of course, your money too. You’ve got the choice. Be generous, become curious and show us kindness. Soon you will be shown the wonderful world of «City, bread & games». We will be grateful forever. The book will be your companion and will also decorate your living room.

Gönn di wat, ook wenn du in Noot büst.Wat hesst du von’t Leven, wenn du eerst doot büst! (Old saying from Northern Germany)