City Illusion- Time travel with us and see the past through the lens of the future! See Albert Einstein, Huldrych Zwingli, Katharina von Zimmern, CG Jung live as if they would still be here!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 11/1/2020

What Is It About?

New Kind of VR-Enhanced City Tours in Zurich.

Travel in Time and Space with Technologies of the Future!

During 100 minutes, the visitor submerges in an audio drama completed with virtual and acoustic effects.

See Albert Einstein, CG Jung, Huldrych Zwingli and Katharina von Zimmern with the help of 3D animations as if they would still be here!

During the whole tour you will be assisted, the guides will explain you the handling of the VR goggles and sometimes fill in as actors! In this journey, the city is the storyteller, which, through an elaborated script, entrusts you with some of its secrets.

City Illusion is Elena Orlova and Matthias Locher’s idea. 2012 during a surf trip in Bali, he lost his heart to his future wife Elena. Meanwhile they have a wonderful 4-year-old daughter Mateja. Having in Moscow her own successful event agency, Elena always has been very creative.

Living in Switzerland, she learned to appreciate the country and fell in love with Zürich. The more she learned about Zürich, the more she was amazed. The beauty of its architecture, the lake and the interesting history captivated her thoughts.

She participated in many city tours, but the enthusiasm she sensed for the city did not want to come through.

Somehow this had to be changed and the idea «City Illusion» was born.

We offer a new, revolutionary way to experience a city. A play with the senses.

Our Project Is Special Because...

It will inspire your thoughts; It lets you time travel; It activates the child in you; It connects old with new; It activates all your senses

For This We Need Your Support:

The implementation of the «Virtual Reality Scenes» is very complex and expensive. Experts have already measured the venues and made concrete cost estimations.

We foresee programming costs of around CHF 150’000. A team of specialists will work around 6 months on the realization. In addition we have to produce costumes, and buy VR goggles, headsets etc..

To launch this project successfully we estimate an investment of CHF 200’000.–. With the help of privates and our own money we could already cover a big part. To go the last mile we need your support to reach the minimal CHF 35’000 in funding in order to realize the project.

In our business plan we have set 3 objectives:

Minimal Scenario 1: The funding of CHF 35’000 is needed for: • iPad show controller software, which we develop ourselves (CHF 2000) • VR glasses and headsets (CHF 10000) • shoot final VR scenes with Katharina von Zimmern (CHF 23000)

Ideal Scenario 2: With a funding between CHF 50’000 and CHF 100’000 we can accomplish four virtual reality scenes and compose our own music for the spectacle.

Dream Scenario 3: Funding of CHF 200’000 and above, our creativity will not be constrained anymore by budget limitations.

After a successful crowd Funding, it is planned to go live in the summer 2020 with the project and in the following years to thrill other cities like Bern, Luzern and Geneva with «City Illusion»!

We have set up many promotions for your support please check them out. All the funding will be restricted to City Illusion GmbH. Thank you for your help.