CLIMA – Climate Youth Fund

by 25onehundred

Zürich, Athens, and London

We are the first Climate Youth Fund; dedicated to engaging in funding climate tech and service innovation projects of young entrepreneurs, co-designing intergenerational future solutions.

CHF 50’007

200% of CHF 25’000

"200 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

240 backers

Successfully concluded on 15/7/2021

Claim your REWARD {{CLIMA Crowdfunding Perks}}By 25onehundred, on 19/08/2021

Dear Backers, It is time to claim your reward for supporting us. Don’t hesitate and SIGN UP for our WORKSHOPS NOW!

RSVP in this link

Do you want to share this experience with others? The Clima team will send you a follow up email (from where you will be able to see how many people you can bring with you.

Best regards, CLIMA team

Claim your REWARDS {{CLIMA Crowdfunding Perks}}By 25onehundred, on 11/08/2021

Dear CLIMA backers, It is time to deliver your PERKS for supporting us during the crowdfunding campaign! We are extremely grateful for your support. In order to show this gratitude, we have promised multiple interactive learning workshops that will be running every Tuesday in the month of September at 18:00 EEST (Athens Timezone/GMT +3).

Remember our principle in building this fund? Yes, Learning, Participating and Co-design. The 4 workshops encompass this principle. Check out what we have organized for you:

Fundamentals of Climate Finance -Tuesday, 7th of September 2021 Nicole Andersen is an expert in sustainable investing. She’s part of the expert team behind building CLIMA, and will share with us about the important role and the true power of Climate Finance. She will be joined by Clima’s Content Manager, Bibiana Bartschova in moderating this discussion, and looking into the key players as well as the future of climate finance. This is a unique chance for our backers to learn about climate finance and what they can do.

Experts in Impact Panel Discussion - Tuesday, 14th of September 2021 We will be joined by the likes of Thorsten Tiel, Dr. Christian Kruse and young entrepreneurs to generate solutions on climate protection and technologies. Discussing how realistic those are, and what dimensions they need to have in order to generate impact. We look forward to debut a new concept in panel discussion, where we will «walk the talk», not only talk.

Design Thinking Workshop - Tuesday, 21st of September 2021 Looking to get your hands dirty on how to create an idea to reality? This workshop will guide you through the process of making your ideas a reality by applying design thinking methods. It is the most creative way in making any idea a reality. Mastering this will open up new opportunities for those who are interested to becoming an entrepreneur or enhancing project management skills. Come join this interactive workshop with Design Thinking and Project Management expert (who?) Let’s create and co-design together!

Young Impact Makers Conference - Tuesday, 28th of September 2021 This is your chance to meet our Youth Impact Makers (25onehundred YIMs) They come from around the world, and many have started enterprises where traditional business meets real life impact making. They are about to show you how to run your business holistically. Creating returns for a sustainable and profitable business, while creating real positive impact to society and environment. This is something all of us should do moving forward if we want to live in harmony with our planet.

RSVP in this link The sign up link is open until Tuesday, August 23rd 2021. REGISTER NOW!

Kindest regards, CLIMA Team

Launching into the new phase of CLIMA!By 25onehundred, on 26/07/2021

Dear backers, Thank you for all your support in our crowdfunding journey. We now invite you to join our path of fund development. You can follow CLIMA updates and expert interviews on our social media @climayouthfund.

Let’s create this game-changing fund together!

This summer has been a vivid proof of how global warming is increasing the impact of natural disasters. There have been tornados in Czech Republic, floods in Germany and fires all across the world. We need climate protection solutions NOW! This is why we are working hard on finding investors, young entrepreneurs and experts to help us bring this fund to life.

As promised we are preparing four workshops, which are part of your perks and will take place in September. Please stay tuned for more information and precise schedule of workshops, which will be YOUR chance to participate, learn and co-design with us.

We wish you happy holidays.

Best wishes, CLIMA Climate Youth Fund

WEMADEIT!By 25onehundred, on 15/07/2021

Dearest supporters

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - WEMADEIT!!! And with the support of the «Impacts Fund» from wemakeit, it has doubled to 50,000 CHF.

Now we celebrate the moment with all of you. And then we will set out to build up the Climate Youth Fund and become active with it. Climate Finance, we are coming!

With heartfelt thanks from the entire CLIMA team in Athens, Zurich and London.

#wemadeit #clima #climayouthfound #climateyouthfund

Liebste Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer

ES IST VOLLBRACHT – WEMADEIT!!! Und mit der Unterstützung des «Impacts Funds» von wemakeit ist es zur Verdoppelung auf 50’000 CHF gekommen.

Jetzt feiern wir den Moment mit Euch allen. Und machen uns dann auf den Weg, den Climate Youth Fund aufzubauen und damit aktiv zu werden. Climate Finance, we are coming!

Mit dem Dank von Herzen vom ganzen CLIMA-Team in Athen, Zürich und London

#wemadeit #clima #climayouthfound #climateyouthfund

LAST CHANCE to make an impact! By 25onehundred, on 12/07/2021

The biggest threat to the climate crisis is the illusion that someone else will save us. The climate crisis is the crisis of anthropocentric destruction and our inability to act, driving our species to extinction. You have been one of our 210 backers that have done something about it! Now we ask, what about the people around you? We have 5,152 CHF to go. CONTACT your friends, relatives or even complete strangers and let them know about this urgent matter! Let’s save HUMANS and PLANET together! Help us collect the remaining 5,152 CHF.

Thank you + Call to ActionBy 25onehundred, on 24/06/2021

We have reached over 8,000 CHF! We send our biggest gratitude for all your support! We are so excited to invite all our backers to our interactive workshops on Climate Finance, becoming a youth impact maker and participating in co-designing CLIMA.

We have still some way to go, every single donation counts, not matter the amount so we can reach our goal of 200 backers.

We need all of your support to drive this forward! Share our crowdfunding page and social media accounts @climayouthfund with your family and friends. Tag us on social media to show your support.

Thank you! Let’s create impact together!