CLIMA – Climate Youth Fund

by 25onehundred

Zürich, Athens, and London

We are the first Climate Youth Fund; dedicated to engaging in funding climate tech and service innovation projects of young entrepreneurs, co-designing intergenerational future solutions.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 15/7/2021

We are raising funding in order to build the foundation of «CLIMA – the first Climate Youth Fund» to accelerate innovation and technology for climate protection

Climate protection is depending on a couple of key factors. Two of the most important ones are Climate Finance and Climate Protection Technology development. We focus on both. With this crowdfunding campaign, we build and design the structures of the first global youth focused Climate Protection Fund. If we really want change, we need to create solutions and we need to finance them. This is our aim. As a first outcome, we will finance 25 young entrepreneurial companies financed which focus on game changing climate protection technologies, create significant amount of jobs, mobilise and inspire more young people to put their talent on climate protection and finally provide participation, learning and co-designing for a broad international community of young people. This is climate protection put into action.

With the 25’000 CHF, we intend to launch a crowd-enabled program to build and design «CLIMA – The first CLIMATE YOUTH FUND». Once the fund is established through YOUR SUPPORT and – if you wish – through your ENGAGEMENT, we will go into raising the actual fund capital of 2.5 million Euros through investment partners such as banks and climate aware institutions. But the roadmap to the fund is crucial for us integrating as many young people as possible in the process. Once this is achieved, CLIMA puts itself in a position to finance projects and companies developed by young people and to bring them to the market. Ultimately, we want to make these projects as successful as possible in the long term and in doing so activate contributions that have a positive impact on a desired climate within which we can all live a good life for generations.

We are very delighted to have your support!

Did we convince you? Do you want to read more details about Climate Finance and the technology companies we want to finance? Check out our infographic below and if you want to learn more about this unique Climate Youth Fund, follow our more detailed explanations below, especially if you want to know more about how YOU can become part of it.

What makes CLIMA special and how you can be part of it

For many, including us at 25onehundred, it is becoming increasingly clear in view of global climate developments: A LOT MUST HAPPEN RAPIDLY!

To make things happen quickly, we need people with ideas, a lot of entrepreneurial spirit … and money so that these ideas don’t just remain ideas. Our contribution to accelerating climate protection, spreading it widely and mobilising many people in the process and involving them as co-designers is a new form of climate financing: it is called CLIMA and is the world’s first YOUTH CLIMATE FUND.

Why Climate Youth Fund? We at 25onehundred are an international Social Impact Company, focussed on youth empowerment, on education and on a new impact economy, based in Switzerland and Greece. One of our 10 main topics is to show and implement concrete ways out of the climate crisis.

So, what do we do with your support?

  • The CHF 25,000, which will be doubled with the Impact Fund, will be used to build up this Climate Youth Fund this year.
  • Building means that we at 25onehundred bring together young and ’young-at-heart’ people, young entrepreneurs and experts, including crowdfunders. We enable them to join us in a MUTUAL learning and building process to create this unique Climate Youth Fund, which then generates a lot of climate impact in the long run.

Thanks to the crowdfunding money, we have now built something like a ship that can sail, including a crew and a broad network. Now, of course, all supporters want to know where the ship is headed:

  • With a view to the beautiful ship in the form of the new type of fund, carried by young people and us at 25onehundred, we then aggregate a fund capital – as a starting pool – of at least € 2.5 million through cooperation with future partner banks and other institutions.
  • Thanks to the people-rich fund and its money, we can then simultaneously invest worldwide – as a first step! – invest in 25 or more innovative grassroots climate enterprises at an average of €100,000 each.
  • All these steps, including the subsequent project evaluation, support and monitoring, will be transparent so that the entire Climate Youth Fund COMMUNITY can be part of this process and grow with it.

What does this mean for you as a supporter?

  • If you support us through this crowdfunding, your support will not only help to build up this new type of youth climate fund for the realisation of many climate projects. But also, you will be invited by us to participate in the development of the 25 projects up until the point they are realised. At the beginning of the fund building process, we will hold exclusive workshops for the crowdfunders like you on climate finance, design thinking, young impact makers and experts (see also the link to the slideshow at the very end), where you can participate once or several times or people of your choice according to your support.
  • And additionally, as an entrepreneurial bonus, we at 25onehundred, as the campaign managers, will invest the amount of money from this entire crowdfunding campaign in ONE of the 25 projects, in parallel with the CLIMA fund, on behalf of all crowdfunders. This has nothing to do with the rewards within this crowdfunding, but this is an additional incentive. We at 25onehundred are giving you, as individual supporters, the opportunity to become a co-owner of this one project outside of this campaign. This allows you to experience 1:1 what it means to lead a climate company to success. In alignment with our motto: «Participate, learn and co-design». Isn’t that wonderful? Build up, be part of and experience how your ’own’ project bears fruit.

What makes us special:

  • We are pioneering youth-powered Climate Finance, built up and implemented in a cross-generational cooperation,
  • We simultaneously create platforms for innovation and education,
  • We work on 3 interconnected platforms: Project level + Learning level + Investment level,
  • We democratise the development process and encourage participation, learning and co-designing,
  • We are developing technology and processes to provide almost real-time transparency for projects,
  • We are committed to a multi-level and long-lasting impact by engaging with and as the financial industry down to grassroots climate protection innovation projects.

What is the impact that we all create together?

Once the fund is established, we create impact on multiple levels: It starts with funding 25 of the most innovative young entrepreneurs from around the world to enable their climate vision. As the fund grows and we reinvest the majority of the profits, we aim to have financed up to 200 young climate action companies within five years. This will increasingly create jobs, offer the opportunity for more and more business relationships that will kickstart further climate-related business ideas. All these businesses should stand for equality, diversity and inclusion. All together, our Youth Climate Investment Fund will act as a catalyst for collaboration with the biggest brands in the financial services sector. We are convinced that youth-driven, cross-generational power will have a great impact on the future of the financial world.

[You can read more and in more detail about these impacts thanks to our Youth Climate Fund on our website].

OUR ROLE in maintaining a climate that is compatible for people.

The Youth Climate Fund made possible with this crowdfunding is NOT a CHARITY PROJECT. We want to offer young, entrepreneurial people with ideas the opportunity to become climate impact entrepreneurs with our support. Charity is good. In parallel to that, we find and accompany SUSTAINABLY OPERATING YOUNG ENTERPRISERS in the field of climate protection innovations. And let many people participate in these development and implementation processes. That is our model. And we know that there are many young people out there with entrepreneurial spirit ready to seize this opportunity thanks to our Youth Climate Fund.

AND ALL THIS STARTS WITH THE FIRST STONE, which we hereby set rolling – with the CHF 25,000 from the wemakeit campaign.

How we use the money from crowdfunding

We will use the funds generated through this campaign to cover the costs of developing, designing and implementing the Climate Youth Fund.

This is:

  • 25.000 CHF for the stage 1 and stage 2 of an expert-based, crowd participation ideation and design thinking process. This leads to the development of the prototype of the fund, including technology, streaming costs, hosting costs, and wages for staff
  • 7.000 CHF for travel and fundraising costs for the total of the 2.5 million Swiss Francs fund
  • 8.000 CHF for research and marketing
  • 7.000 CHF for legal and administrative costs
  • 3.000 CHF for miscellaneous costs


The intergenerational CLIMA-Team: Nicole Anderson (GB), Bibiana Bartschova (CZ/ES), Nicole Ganzert (GR), Leander Ganzert (GR), Maddalena Garaventa (CH), Noor Al Ghafari (JO), Atithya Ghai (IN/J0), Thom Held (CH), Christian Kruse (GR), Joy Pappa (GR), Fina und Zoe Wessel (D/GR) and Gede Putra Witsen (IDN/ES). – More about us in the slideshow (see below.)

At the bottom, after (!) the CLIMA Slideshow, you can find in «Further Information» three additional links to our full trailer and the second slideshow which gives you more detailed information about the REWARDS / PERKS:

  1. in English,
  2. in German.
  3. full trailer (8 min.)

But first the CLIMA Slideshow: