The climate crisis has arrived. But oil companies, car manufacturers and others are investing millions to prevent climate protection. We must counter these campaigns.
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For a politics based on facts!

We are already running after the climate catastrophe. Climate heating is not only already causing victims in the global South, but has also arrived in Europe with droughts and extreme weather. The parliament elected in the last elections has not managed to redirect Switzerland on a climate course. There is no way around electing a parliament on 22 October 2023 that listens to science and is capable of turning the tide. For this to happen, the voters need to know what’s going on!

That’s why we’re bringing the climate facts from the streets into the letterboxes: fact-based, non-partisan and evocative, we want to summarise the state of the world’s climate, focus on the needs of the global South and send it to you, your neighbours and thousands of other people! Become the climate hero of your village or even your city!

P.S.: For the price of one coffee we can reach 33 more people!

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That's why we need a Climate Sheet 2023

  1. The climate crisis is already happening on our doorstep, and yet there are people who have not yet understood what it is all about.
  2. We reach people who have never dealt with this issue and deliver the scientific consensus directly to their homes!
  3. We communicate the climate crisis and its interconnections in simple language, focus on the facts and touch people emotionally.
  4. We reach people who otherwise never vote. This is how we can strengthen democracy!

This is what I need backing for.

  • For the price of a coffee already, the Climate Sheet reaches more people than those living in your block.
  • For the price of a cheap coffee machine, we can already inform far more people than live in your street.
  • With the money that a professional coffee machine costs, you enable us to cover several Swiss villages!