The relationship between humans and animals - a documentary in the making!

Feature length documentary film about the power of animals and the bond between man and animals. This film wants to show the human-animal relationship from a different angle. We are on the path of trying to understand the relationship between humans and animals and appreciate the power that animals possess and is often overlooked. In this film, we celebrate their ways of making people simply better. We want to inspire everyone to just give them a chance.

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What can we learn from animals?

After adopting Cody, his owner Martin learned priceless lessons of compassion, patience and understanding. Now he want’s to give something back. Asking the difficult questions how we treat our pets, animals in general and make decisions for them. How can we be ethical and moral and treat animals with the respect they deserve.

Cody-The Dog Days are Over puts the animals first. It seeks to understand their perspective. Animals are more than just accessories or food and even though we know it, we sometimes fail to demonstrate it. This film is here to praise their power and encourage everyone to take a step back, reflect and cherish their true worth.

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We shot a lot of material - now we need a great editor!

We already shot a lot of material. And, there’s more to come. The right edit comes along with the story and the picture - especially at doing a documentary film. In order to start editing, we need your support! We want to be able to rent an editing room, hand over the material properly to a great editor, who can help us telling the great story of Cody and Blanche.

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