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Film and Art

La voie du silence | Film

Et toi, qu'est-ce que tu ferais si on voulait te forcer à donner ta voix en offrande à une divinité? «La voie du silence» conte l'histoire de Luna, une adolescente qui se bat pour garder sa liberté.
by Yoann Roig, Lausanne
42% funded
CHF 2’535 pledged
18 days to go
Film, Music, and Community

Cibbie – the Documentary

In February 2017, Cecilia Borromeo Lutz (aka Cibbie) was diagnosed with ALS. Two years later, the illness spread rapidly leaving her unable to speak and walk. «Cibbie» tells her story.
by KHA, Vevey, Lausanne, and Manila
109% funded
CHF 21’945 pledged
27 hours to go
Film and Sport

Endless Running

This documentary will show - through Nicolas’ eyes - his sister Ariane’s adventure at the Bali Hope Ultra Marathon, an 84 km race crossing the island of Bali from north to south in a single night.
by Courir Sans Fin, Denpasar and Neuchâtel
51% funded
CHF 6’825 pledged
15 days to go

La femme moderne

Cette web-série décalée vous présente des réclames d'appareils aménagés. «La femme moderne» des sixties revue et corrigée en mode 2.0 à votre service!
by Viviane Deurin, Geneva
4% funded
CHF 250 pledged
29 days to go
Film and Community

Warten unter einem Dach

Mit unserem Kurzfilm, 30 Min, wollen wir der Öffentlichkeit einen Einblick in den Alltag des Alsylzentrums Juch in Zürich Altstetten geben.
by Franziska and Ibrahim, Zürich
57% funded
CHF 3’543 pledged
9 days to go
Film, Journalism, and Environment

Documentary: Somara + Corina

We are Somara and Corina, two journalists from Zurich. In August 2019 we want to produce our first documentary film in Indonesia. It is a story about plastic and machines, the ocean and hope.
by Corina Rainer und Somara Frick, Banda Neira and Zürich
31% funded
CHF 1’582 pledged
20 days to go