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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Pinggau. But this may be of interest to you.
Awareness videos

Film, Community, and Music


A series of at least 5 videos will be created that show how to raise your consciousness in a simple, easy and understandable way for everyone. Life is easier with higher consciousness.

3 %
CHF 581
4 days to go
Studio Uno

Photography, Film, and Community


Studio Uno

by Studio Uno

​​Unterstütze uns beim Umbau und der Einrichtung von Studio Uno! Unser Ziel ist es einen offenen Raum zu schaffen, den Kreativschaffende mieten können um ihre Projekte zu realisieren.

26 %
CHF 2’610
23 days to go
Schneuwlys machen Theater

Performing arts and Film


Schneuwlys machen Theater

by Herr und Frau Schneuwly

Herr und Frau Schneuwly haben Blut geleckt und suchen eine andere Bühne. Im wörtlichen und im übertragenen Sinn. Das nächste grosse Experiment ist ein Theaterstück.

86 %
CHF 11’517
5 days to go



Armament and public war rhetoric are increasing, peace activists are unwelcome? What times are we living in? Our documentary follows the trail of a US soldier who resisted.

4 %
EUR 175
29 days to go
Short film "Senseless"



The film points out how senseless it is to attack innocent people simply because of their religious or cultural beliefs. Help me complete the project.