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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Wil. But this may be of interest to you.

Food, Startup, and Environment

Basel, Zürich, and St. Gallen

Bio-Mate - Swiss Made


Mit einem neuen Schweizer Bio-Mate fordern wir den hiesigen Mate-Einheitsbrei heraus. Unser 100% natürliches und frisch aufgebrühtes PRI MATE ist bereit für den ersten Testlauf. Sei Teil davon!

CHF 13’635
113 %
6 days to go

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment


Mit meiner Mikro-Kaffeerösterei möchte ich für dich direkt und fair gehandelte Rohkaffeebohnen zu einem köstlichen Kaffee rösten. Nachhaltigkeit beim Rösten sowie der Verpackung sind mir wichtig.

CHF 5’725
22 %
22 days to go

Food and Fair Trade


Māyā Café-Boutique

by Christelle Bobillier

Māyā c’est bien plus qu’un simple tea-room et bien plus qu’une simple boutique. Venir chez Māyā c’est acheter en conscience.

CHF 6’090
30 %
7 days to go

Food and Community


PRESTO 2023 - Pizza 🍕

by Presto in Casa

20 years of pizzas at home… and we would like it to continue! In addition, we would like to finally be able to welcome you on site to eat in a unique Steampunk atmosphere!

CHF 5’544
21 %
23 days to go

Food, Startup, and Art


This new doctrine can beautify our environments as well as excite the senses and reduce stress. Floral design and tea will unite the senses of body and mind. This tea room will have a special meaning.