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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Enugwu Agidi. But this may be of interest to you.

Film, Kids / Youth, and Art

Lomé and Cotonou


by Indi_casa, Loic Clapstories, and Gains’Skeye

Contribute to this life project with us. Together we will make a beautiful documentary about an orphan reconnecting with his family and his journey to get there.

CHF 1’006
5 %
28 days to go

Kids / Youth, Dance, and Education

Kinshasa and Lubumbashi

Votre soutien permettra d’acheter et d’acheminer du matériel éducatif en direction des enfants et danseurs. Vous leur apporterez ainsi le sourire ! De plus, nous jouerons notre spectacle WaoWao.

CHF 1’055
35 %
14 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Nairobi, Kampala, and Kigali

Victoria Rally

by SewingTogether

The goal of VictoriaRally is to drive across East Africa, to empower women with a skill of sewing reusable sanitary pads and create a long-lasting change.

EUR 1’139
47 %
19 days to go



What is about

by Pauline

Concretely, it's to offer to a person who cannot afford it, something of first necessity that he would need. This can range from hygienic products to a new sleeping bag, a pair of shoes, etc.

0 %
28 days to go

Performing arts, Dance, and Education


Dance Lab in Lebanon

by Simea Cavelti

Dance as a resourceful and social tool to transform memories and experiences in challenging times - a creative lab resulting in a dance performance and shared with a wide audience across Lebanon.

CHF 2’955
29 %
18 days to go

Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education


Yoga in school class

by Yoga Himalaya

Be part of our beautiful project!
We do short yoga sessions in class, together with a professional tests, measuring the concentration levels in students, with really great positive result.

EUR 40
4 %
29 hours to go

Film, Music, and Community



by Juan Manuel Vegas

A documentary portrait of the Geneva village of Cartigny at the rhythm of the seasons, of its traditions and through the words of some of the families who have arrived in the last twenty years.

CHF 7’530
50 %
12 days to go

Community and Kids / Youth


Less is Love

by Associazione Helianto

Fundraising by the Helianto Association to renovate the mother-and-child clinic in the Uragaha region of Sri Lanka.

CHF 7’850
130 %
13 hours to go

Music, Performing arts, and Dance

Plan-les-Ouates, Vevey, and Genève

Femmes parallèles est un spectacle pluridisciplinaire déjanté, pétillant et vital. Du théâtre, de la musique live, de la danse et du cirque pour raconter les fêlures d'êtres écorchés par la vie.

CHF 3’290
54 %
25 days to go

Film and Community


TARA, le film.

by Troubadour Films

TARA, LES REMOUS DU TEMPS QUI RESTE est un film documentaire sur l’accompagnement en fin de vie, à la Maison de Tara. Un lieu UNIQUE en Suisse.

CHF 15’355
38 %
24 days to go

Startup and Community


Boutique parfumerie

by Simona et Alina

Développement de la marque sur le territoire Suisse.

CHF 125
1 %
19 days to go

Politics and Kids / Youth


Tramite questo progetto, potrai sostenere con un piccolo contributo la campagna per il Gran Consiglio di Diego Baratti, per realizzare insieme il futuro del Ticino!