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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Fes. But this may be of interest to you.
Circus and music show

Music, Performing arts, and Art

Lausanne, Granada, and Paris

Circus and music show

by Cie Entrecuerdas

Help us company to buy a custom metal structure that will house the aerials(rope and trapeze) and musicians and serve as scenery for our show about mental health.

75 %
EUR 6’050
26 days to go
Sailboat Refit

Photography, Sport, and Environment


Sailboat Refit

by Ariane & Fred

We bought a boat. Set the sails. Lived the dream. A few weeks later, we were parked in a shipyard for unscheduled maintenance. Help us get back in the water!

93 %
CHF 4’475
9 days to go
FINCA NOAH von Farah de Tomi

Environment and Animals


FINCA NOAH von Farah de Tomi

by Animal Police Association

Ich will meine Finca Noah retten! Helfen Sie mir, meine Auffangstation für Tiere in Not zu erhalten. Damit ausgesetzte Tiere weiterhin eine Zukunft haben können, braucht es Ihre Spende.

0 %
CHF 610
30 days to go
Antonio back to Canada

Community and Education

London, Bogotá, and Barcelona

Antonio is Venezuelan and is studying in Canada. Due to a visa error, he got blocked in Barcelona after a visit to Spain. He is now fighting to return to Canada and complete his degree.

118 %
CHF 2’250
1 hour to go
Finka Booster

Agriculture, Community, and Environment


To expand seed preservation and the cultivation of organic vegetables, we are developing new terraces. Simultaneously, we are renovating the association building. On the Finka, we are investing in the

4 %
EUR 1’150
38 days to go
Comptoir du Boulevard

Food, Startup, and Community


Comptoir du Boulevard

by Comptoir du Boulevard

At Comptoir du Boulevard, we offer gourmet groceries and recipes inspired by our travels and culinary traditions discovered here and elsewhere.

125 %
CHF 18’765
12 days to go
Lancement de Naurea

Startup, Community, and Environment


Aidez-moi à finaliser mon projet. Ma marque d'huile sèche pour le corps associé à de la lithothérapie. Merci de croire en moi et de me soutenir.

18 %
CHF 2’217
16 days to go
Cop4Rock 2.0

Startup, Community, and Art


Cop4Rock 2.0

by Cop4rock

In 2024, Cop4rock is evolving! After a year rich in projects in 2023, our aspirations are rising and our dreams are getting bigger. Come aboard and join us on this DIFFERENT adventure!

10 %
CHF 4’040
29 days to go
Unik Chic Concept store

Fashion, Startup, and Design

Lausanne and Geneva

Unik Chic Concept store

by Samia Mba Bel

Découvrez Unik Chic, un concept store et marketplace qui a pour objectif d'aider des créateurs émergents à structurer et développer leurs marques tout en boostant leurs visibilité.

0 %
34 days to go
Gueule de Poète

Exhibition, art, and Literature


Gueule de Poète

by Mademoiselle F.

Performance qui mêle le verbe de 13 poètes. Les mots s'envolent et prennent vie au travers des masques des artistes. Une scénographie multisensorielle originale de Fabienne Penseyres.

59 %
CHF 4’795
10 days to go
Ma renaissance post cancer



Maintenant que mon cancer est guéri, j’ai besoin de me reconnecter avec le vivant via un voyage à travers l’Europe, aidez-moi à réaliser mon projet!

0 %
29 days to go
Bien être mental

Startup and Community


Bien être mental

by Anne Chandellier

Psychoneuronutritioniste, j’ai crée des tisanes BIO avec à l’intérieur des guides (sous forme de QR codes) pour en finir avec l’anxiété, les addiction et le grignotage grâce à notre l’alimentation.