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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Mataram. But this may be of interest to you.

Science, Environment, and Animals


Africa needs hyenas!

by Raffaele Morisoli

Hyenas play an important role in the balance of the African ecosystem. Support me in researching the hunting behavior of spotted hyenas in South Africa!

5 %
CHF 320
29 days to go

Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Environment

Dari and Pala

Launch of Kazi in Chad

by Kazi Startfunding

Funding for the first two projects of KAZI Chad in the southwestern part of the country. A 2-hectare irrigated crop project and a solar power station project for device charging.

43 %
CHF 3’050
15 days to go

Music and Performing Arts



by MuTh Konzertsaal

Eine ermutigende, schrille, humorvolle, theatralisch verrückte Rede über die parkinsonsche Krankheit und ihre wundersame Botschaft. Im Dezember 22 wurde Justus Neumann mit Parkinson diagnostiziert.

91 %
EUR 5’486
7 days to go

Community, Performing arts, and Dance


The Lost Birthday

by Flirty Horse

An interdisciplinary feminist performance that uncovers the roots of discrimination and explores the psychology of abusive relationships. A journey into subconsciousness based on true stories

3 %
EUR 110
26 days to go

Food, tourism, and Environment


klarälvens lilla oasen

by and

Wir schaffen in Schweden einen Ort, an dem die Gäste im Mittelpunkt stehen und sich willkommen fühlen. Unter diesem Motto entsteht unser Hotel- und Restaurantbetrieb in Schweden. Komm mit uns mit...

20 %
CHF 4’157
38 days to go

Film, Music, and Community

Saint Moritz, Geneva, and Zürich

Symphonic Youth

by MOHRvision

’Symphonic Youth’ is a road-movie documentary about a hundred musicians of the Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra.

6 %
CHF 1’220
27 days to go

Community and Environment


Kann der «zivilisierte» Mensch in der Wildnis überleben und sich in der Natur behaupten? Das Survival-Projekt sucht die Antwort darauf.

73 %
CHF 1’101
19 days to go



No Foodwaste!

by Martin Pally

Food waste must be largely avoided. A number of companies are active and making their contribution. But what are private households doing? They account for over 30%.

10 %
CHF 100
27 days to go

Music and Performing Arts



by Melanie Malou

Meine erste EP - der nächste grosse Schritt auf dem Weg «eigene Musik». Die Songs auf der Debut-EP werden abenteuerlich, laut, leise, fröhlich, emotional und vor allem authentisch.

94 %
CHF 17’051
7 days to go

Film, Music, and Performing Arts

St. Gallen

Songcycle Zueflucht

by skibashapiro

Help me to release my new album on vinyl and produce three music videos!

16 %
CHF 847
27 days to go

Community, Performing arts, and Kids / Youth


Neues Zirkuszelt

by ZirkusBengalo

Nach knapp 25 Jahren Zirkusprojekten in Schweizer Primarschulen und Kindergärten hat uns ein Unwetter schwer getroffen. Unterstützen Sie die Erneuerung des Zirkus Bengalo!

0 %
CHF 20
8 days to go

Politics, Community, and Environment


Ci presentiamo alle elezioni nazionali 2023 con una lista per il Consiglio Nazionale. Le numerose crisi preoccupano le giovani generazioni, noi vogliamo portare delle risposte concrete e coerenti!