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Film, Community, and Performing Arts

Zetribu: a tour in the world

This project combines family, theatre, cinema, documentary, new technology, volunteering and pedagogy and is both a cultural act and a great desire to meet others!
by Ze Tribu - Un Tour Dans le Monde, Moscow, Shanghai, and San Salvador
14% funded
CHF 2’145 pledged
43 days to go

Hand made studio

Сreation of a shop and workshop of handmade products. Support craft lovers to sell their products. Creation and arrangement of space to socialize and educate people.
by Anna_Kovalova, Latviai
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
15 days to go
Music and Education

5-days intense vocal course

In order to start a 3-year course to become a qualified vocal coach, I’m off for a week in Copenhagen for an intense singing workshop at the CVI (Complete Vocal Institute).
by Chris Wall, Copenhagen
95% funded
CHF 1’150 pledged
9 days to go

Single Release «GameOver»

Cool that you're here. Would mean a lot to me if you could help me tell the story of my Debut Single «GameOver». If you want to know more about my project, read the following information. Cheers!
by CHRISTL, Vienna
66% funded
EUR 3’635 pledged
7 days to go

Mashiko - EP

Unterstütze uns bei Produktion und Release unserer ersten EP!
by Mashiko, Vienna
22% funded
EUR 775 pledged
8 days to go

Triptonus Album Production

Support the production of our third record «Soundless Voice»!
With your help it will be released on Vinyl, CD und digital in april 2020!
by Fabian, Vienna
18% funded
EUR 918 pledged
27 days to go
Music, Community, and Kids / Youth

Superar - first concert DVD

10 years Superar! A dream shall come true - children and teenagers of Superar want a first professional concert DVD of their anniversary concert and need your support.
by Superar Austria, Vienna
2% funded
EUR 145 pledged
37 days to go
Design and Art

Meine Kunst will wachsen!

Ein kleines gemütliches Atelier kommt groß raus!
Mit deiner Hilfe ist es möglich meine Ideen umzusetzen und eine Plattform für Kunst und Handwerk aus Österreich zu erschaffen.
by Cyal Artwork, Vienna
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
29 days to go
Exhibition, art, and Education

Klimt Villa Garden

The aim of the project is the partial reconstruction of the historical garden of Gustav Klimt, around his last studio in Feldmühlgasse 11 in Vienna.
by Klimt Villa, Vienna
0% funded
EUR 60 pledged
23 days to go
Community and Kids / Youth

Ein neues Zuhause

Helfen wir gemeinsam der Familie Jovanovic ein bessereres Zuhause zu finanzieren. Momentan lebt die 10-köpfige Roma-Familie in Serbien in einem Container/Barracke von ca. 10m2 ohne fliessendes Wasser.
by Heidi, Ćuprija Municipality
20% funded
CHF 1’251 pledged
20 days to go
Music and Education

Quiet Space Inside Album

Gentle songs with piano accompaniment for inner peace and relaxation. One song blends into the next creating a meditative feel. Lyrics about a mindful, peaceful and compassionate way of living.
by Balthasar Balz Ewald, Basel, Hamburg, and Ubud
46% funded
CHF 4’660 pledged
19 days to go
Politics, Music, and Festival

Festival des pol. Liedes

Das Festival des politischen Liedes findet im Zeichen des Widerstandes gegen neoliberale und rechtsextreme Strömungen statt. Vernetzung, Spaß und politisches Liedergut stehen im Zentrum.
by Kulturverein Willy, Weißenbach am Attersee
117% funded
EUR 1’410 pledged
27 days to go