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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Nuestra Señora de La Paz. But this may be of interest to you.
Huertas de la Eco-Esperanza

Kids / Youth, Environment, and Education


This project aims to work with five educational institutions to promote Sustainable Development Goal 2, which focuses on achieving zero hunger and enhancing food security

34 %
CHF 1’035
5 days to go
escolhares - Rio project

Science, Community, and Kids / Youth

Rio de Janeiro

Our project aims to offer vision screenings, ophthalmological examinations and pairs of glasses to schoolchildren in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, with prevention action.

15 %
CHF 856
45 days to go
Community Event Nicaragua

Community and Environment

El Astillero

Community Event Nicaragua

by Maurice Camenisch

Für 3 Monate engagiere ich mich freiwillig bei Buy Food with Plastic in Nicaragua, um 200 Menschen nahrhafte Mahlzeiten und Recyclingzugang zu bieten.

120 %
CHF 1’200
7 days to go
Une maison en Haïti

Architecture and Community


Une maison en Haïti

by Papillon et Marie

Contribuez à la construction d'une maison pour notre nièce Mikencia et sa famille en Haïti qui ont tout perdu à cause de la crise politique, sécuritaire et humanitaire sans précédent.

41 %
CHF 4’150
14 days to go
Bob Spring & Ken Coomer

Music and Art

Nashville and Zürich

I have the chance to record my next album in Nashville, Tennessee. Ken Coomer (Wilco, Lucinda Williams, etc.), will support and produce me. Production starts on May 1.

13 %
CHF 1’570
22 days to go
Herzensangelegenheit Guinea

Agriculture and Community


Unterstütze uns beim Aufbau eines Trinkwasser-Brunnens und nachhaltiger Landwirtschaft in Fria (Guinea)!

44 %
CHF 6’650
3 days to go
Diabetes in South Africa

Science, Technology, and Education

Cape Town and Bern

Diabetes in South Africa

by DCB and bridgetmcnulty

Help us solve one of the biggest causes of mortality by giving South Africans with diabetes exactly the diabetes education they need.

44 %
CHF 2’205
12 days to go
Greenland and secret beauty

Exhibition, Photography, and Film


The primary objective being an exhibition.

Being able to rent a boat to show the icebergs in detail. In order to raise awareness, those who will see the finalized project.

0 %
CHF 25
15 days to go
Last Birds à Avignon !

Performing arts, Festival, and Dance


Last Birds à Avignon !

by Tangoart Company and Ariane Liautaud

La Tangoart Company participe cet été avec sa pièce LAST BIRDS au Festival Off d’Avignon, l’un des plus grands festivals de théâtre au monde! Nous avons besoin de toi pour réaliser cette aventure!

21 %
EUR 948
32 days to go
EP Julie Berthollet

Music and Art


EP Julie Berthollet

by Julie Berthollet

J’ai déjà enregistré 7 albums avec ma soeur, mais ce projet n’a pas de label, c'est un EP de mes chansons les plus intimes, avec des photos et des graphismes inédits, faits par des artistes indés.

110 %
EUR 8’260
5 days to go
unboxing cycles - the hub

Startup, Community, and Education

Zürich, Geneva, and Lugano

unboxing cycles - the hub

by unboxing cycles, Maja Juzwiak, and Marina Hagen

join us in breaking the taboo and creating the pioneering online platform for learning, understanding, and communicating about the menstrual cycle and hormonal health!

16 %
CHF 8’241
16 days to go
"Cube Noir" Association

Exhibition, Photography, and Art


«Cube Noir» Association

by Camilo Agudelo

May 3 marks the launch of the «Cube Noir» association, which seeks to give visibility to Iberian-American artists in Europe with a photographic exhibition by Colombian artist Camilo Agudelo.