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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Otuocha. But this may be of interest to you.
Community, Environment, and Education

1 Brunnen und 2 Kindergärten

Wegen Covid-19 fehlt unserer Eco-Lodge in Namibia das nötige Geld um unsere Entwicklungsarbeit vor Ort fortzusetzen. Mit nur 31’000 können wir mehr als 500 Familien nachhaltig helfen. Unterstütze uns!
by RIVERDANCE Lodge, DIvundu
41% funded
CHF 12’750 pledged
38 days to go
Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education

Suppe zur Bildung

Dank einer Mittagsverpflegung für nur 20 CHF pro Tag kommen 100 Kinder zur Schule. Das Projekt ADEC setzt sich dafür ein, dass Jugendliche durch Bildung und Sport bessere Zukunfts-Chancen haben.
by Heinz Ackle Käthi Häfliger, Calheta de São Miguel and Calheta de São Miguel
99% funded
CHF 4’963 pledged
14 days to go

Projet Album SilvanoSanches

Aidez-moi à financer mon premier album. Dix titres originaux aux rythmes traditionnels du Cap Vert. Parce que la musique a le pouvoir de contribuer à une société plus harmonieuse.
by Silvano Sanches, Beja, Geneva, and Monthey
7% funded
EUR 288 pledged
9 days to go
Publishing, Design, and Architecture

Creating Coromandel: a book

A book about Marco Zanuso's architecture in South Africa. Although famous for his industrial designs, his design methodology impacted Southern African architecture and is still relevant today!
by Edna, Coromandel, Reggio Emilia, and Santarem
5% funded
EUR 1’035 pledged
29 days to go
Food, Environment, and Animals

3. Basel Vegan Messe 2021

Die BASEL VEGAN MESSE ist eine neue internationale MESSE mit Schwerpunkt Tierwohl, Umwelt, alternative Ernährungsformen, Trends: Wo steckt überall ein Tier drin & welche Alternativen gibt es dazu?
by 3. BASEL VEGAN MESSE 2021, Baselice
3% funded
CHF 150 pledged
29 days to go

Mi manchi come un ristorante

Ho deciso di creare questo progetto per aiutare i ristoratori di Lugano duramente colpiti dalla pandemia. Perché mancano a tutti! Sostienili anche tu!
by Marianna, Lugano
8% funded
CHF 400 pledged
2 days to go
Agriculture and Environment


OPPAL souhaite améliorer la cohabitation avec le loup en venant en aide aux éleveurs sur des zones à risque. Les bénévoles gardent le troupeau de nuit pour offrir un soutient concret aux éleveurs.
by OPPAL, Bagnes
71% funded
CHF 8’930 pledged
18 days to go
Film and Music

«Who Am I in M.E!?» Project

I am Miranda Elise, a 31 year old young artist with a Canadian mother and a Swiss father. I use my life experiences to write, compose, sing, rap and dance. Let's create this visual album together!
by Miranda Elise, Bagnes
7% funded
CHF 1’530 pledged
44 days to go

Debussy & Goodale

Joanna Goodale's second concept album «Debussy In Resonance» is an invitation to experience Nature through the universe of Debussy and the sounds of Asia.It will awaken all your senses, even from home
by My Big Geneva and Joanna Goodale, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Geneva
90% funded
CHF 9’006 pledged
5 days to go

Take A Chance!

TAC «Therapies And Coaching» est un centre qui allie le coaching sportif et les soins thérapeutiques. Nous avons besoin de vous pour finaliser les aménagements intérieurs de notre centre.
by TAC - Therapies And Coaching, Geneva
92% funded
CHF 13’941 pledged
7 days to go

Les Lunes – album Pachamama

Les Lunes, trio vocal féminin autour des chants du monde, enregistrent leur 1er album: Pachamama. Un album de 11 morceaux dont 3 compositions et 8 reprises réarrangées. Le début d’un beau voyage...
by Les Lunes, Geneva
107% funded
CHF 10’705 pledged
38 hours to go
Startup, Fair Trade, and Community

Let's end modern slavery!

The Freedomer App is to help everyone join in the mission to end modern slavery & to make sure no humans have been harmed in the making of the products they buy, help build A World Made in Freedom
by Brian Iselin, Geneva
38% funded
CHF 11’412 pledged
27 days to go

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