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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Paraguaipoa. But this may be of interest to you.
Music, Performing arts, and Art

Amanecer Casero by Tinaja

Tinaja records its first album: Amanecer Casero. An album of 6 tracks including one composition and 5 rearranged covers. The continuation of a wonderful story ...
by Tinaja, Lausanne, Appenzell District, and Caracas
56% funded
CHF 4’524 pledged
22 days to go
Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education

Help us to help Lobitos!

The surfing courses have resumed despite the pandemic still very active in Peru. Your support is essential to ensure the continuity of these courses started in 2008!
by Ride for the Cause, Lobitos District
130% funded
CHF 2’600 pledged
10 days to go
Startup, Community, and Environment

CLIMA – Climate Youth Fund

We are the first Climate Youth Fund; dedicated to engaging in funding climate tech and service innovation projects of young entrepreneurs, co-designing intergenerational future solutions.
by 25onehundred, Zürich, Athens, and London
34% funded
CHF 8’590 pledged
23 days to go
Performing arts and Festival

Scrooge in Avignon

A dream comes true! Our «Scrooge» will be presented in Avignon: 22 performances at one of the world's biggest live performance festivals. An investment in our future!
by PerpetuoMobileTeatro, Avignon
87% funded
CHF 13’175 pledged
6 days to go
Music, Community, and Technology

Atelier de pressage vinyle

Doca Vinyl a comme but la création d’un atelier de pressage de disques vinyles en Suisse afin de promouvoir la diversité de la musique locale. En nous soutenant, tu soutiens la scène musicale suisse !
by Doca Vinyl, Carouge
3% funded
CHF 950 pledged
44 days to go
Science, Music, and Performing Arts


Stephan Eicher und Band auf Tour mit dem Floss der Unnötigen: Mai – September 2021
by Stephan Eicher & Radeau Band, Bern, Vevey, and Geneva
89% funded
CHF 225’306 pledged
6 days to go
Games and Community

Mycelium – the game

Be inspired by nature, build your partnership as a thriving forest. Mycelium is a deck of 18 cards and a board game to help facilitate partnerships and to create safe spaces for collaboration.
by Marina Ruta and Rebel & Shine, Geneva
87% funded
CHF 2’895 pledged
13 days to go
Fair Trade and Kids / Youth

Pour un nouveau shop online

L’Envie de Fraises a besoin de vous pour pérenniser et renforcer sa présence sur le web. Nous avons besoin d’un nouveau site internet, performant et réactif. Un site internet qui vous ressemble!
by FRED co-gérante de l'Envie de Fraises, EMILIE co-gérante de l'Envie de Fraises, and Busra, Geneva
33% funded
CHF 9’980 pledged
24 days to go
Music and Performing Arts

La passion avant tout

Jeune universitaire genevois, je me suis lancé dans la musique par pure passion. J’ai maintenant besoin de vous pour continuer ce projet qui me fait vibrer et promouvoir ma musique!
by Manito, Geneva
34% funded
CHF 2’400 pledged
26 days to go
Food and Startup

Moutonoir Brewery

Join the Family! In order to increase our production and to propose new and original beers, we need to realize some new investments
by La Brasserie du Moutonoir, Geneva
16% funded
CHF 1’160 pledged
28 days to go
Film and Music


Financement du tournage du Clip Film de la chanson «BON PTIT GARS» du groupe Musical «Los Toubo de l'été» avec le réalisateur + DJ Benedicto Garcia. Tournage les 8 et 15 août 2021 à Genève(CH)
by Benedicto Garcia dit Bene (réalisateur), Geneva
3% funded
CHF 360 pledged
28 days to go

Un abri au cœur de la ville

Îlot de verdure en centre-ville, le Dracar est un lieu d’hébergement unique pour des personnes en difficulté sociale et/ou psychique. Le Centre est malheureusement aujourd'hui en péril.
by Le Dracar, Geneva
1% funded
CHF 795 pledged
39 days to go

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