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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Reine. But this may be of interest to you.
Photography, Publishing, and Journalism

Bildband Peter Dammann

Der Bildband «Das weisse Pferd» ist eine Retrospektive auf das umfassende Werk des engagierten Fotojournalisten. Unterstützt uns, diesen schönen Bildband in die Welt zu schicken!
by Andrea Lerchl and Gabriele Schärer, Hamburg
29% funded
EUR 11’700 pledged
27 days to go
Fashion, Startup, and Community

Small brand making a change

(her.) is about creating a platform where like minded people can help educate one another in supporting equality and against discrimination by providing work and life solutions in shaping the future.
by Michael Brookman- Aikins, London, Berlin, and Munich
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
31 days to go

Debut CD – Rebecca Clarke

In 1919 it was the time of Rebecca Clarke. 100 years later it is us to make a big step! We’re a group of Polish friends: Anna Krzyżak, Aleksandra Czerniecka and Ignacy Siarkowski. Please, join us!
by Anna Krzyżak, Aleksandra Czerniecka, and Ignacy Siarkowski, Berlin, Warsaw, and Wuppertal
9% funded
EUR 1’205 pledged
6 days to go
Architecture, Community, and Art

Colour Eitorf.

A unique art project to be installed in a swimming center. Aiming to bring colour and art into a place where it normally does not belong.
by Ray, Eitorf
0% funded
EUR 25 pledged
48 days to go
Games, Community, and Literature

Carte Manga Accesoires

Nous avons pour projet la réalisation d'un magasin de jeu de carte, accessoires et manga pour échanger et partager une passion en accueillant des joueurs yugioh, et d'autres jeu de carte
by Flahaut Adeline, Amiens
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
18 days to go
Science, Sport, and Environment


Revolutionary hydro cycle equipped with a submarine observation bubble made of polycarbonate, where Didier will carry out various scientific research projects on the great lakes and the Atlantic Ocean
by Monsieur, Suisse
2% funded
CHF 250 pledged
19 days to go

Debutalbum «Entdeckungstour»

Wir sind Actio Grenzgänger und wir realisieren gerade unser erstes Studioalbum. Unser Sound ist mehr als Reggae, mehr als Hip Hop, er ist pure Leidenschaft für eine bessere Welt.
by Actio Grenzgänger, Stuttgart and Berlin
16% funded
EUR 655 pledged
26 days to go
Art and Environment

Artistes en mer polaire

Cet été, nous embarquerons à bord d'un voilier de 15 mètres équipé pour les expéditions arctiques, pour une résidence artistique de 3 semaines le long de la côte Est du Groenland.
by 4 artistes, Kulusuk
10% funded
CHF 1’690 pledged
29 days to go
Music, art, and Education

Seva India Festival 2019

Das indisch-österreichische Bildungssymposium: Am 21. September 2019 kommen alle Indien-Liebhaber in Wien voll auf ihre Kosten! 40 Vorträge & Workshops, Kulinarisches & Kulturelles, Kinderbetreuung.
by Verein SEVA INDIA, Markhof and Vienna
13% funded
EUR 828 pledged
25 days to go

jusqu'à l'aurore

A composer's dream comes true. In summer 2019, the Swiss Mondrian Ensemble will record chamber music written by Austrian composer Thomas Wally.
by thomaswally, Vienna
66% funded
EUR 6’698 pledged
38 days to go
Science and Publishing

The k.u.k. rogues' gallery

In the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, criminals from about 1890 to 1918 were photographically immortalized. We make a book with fascinating original photos and scientific contributions.
by Kurt FRANK, Vienna
69% funded
EUR 6’145 pledged
26 days to go
Publishing, Kids / Youth, and Literature


Unser Musical «Sophie und das Drei-Federn-Rätsel» soll sich mit eurer Unterstützung in ein zauberhaftes Kinderbuch verwandeln. Zum Vor-, Nach- und Selberlesen – liebevoll illustriert!
by Theater Heuschreck, Vienna
64% funded
EUR 2’700 pledged
7 days to go