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Photography, Publishing, and Community

Mon visage, ma pensée

Projet photographique et poétique débuté en cette période de semi-confinement dans la belle ville de Vevey, et qui souhaite aboutir par un objet de mémoire sous forme de livre photographique.
by "MON VISAGE MA PENSEE" projet bénévole de Marco Della Rosa, Vevey
2% funded
CHF 80 pledged
7 days to go

Goddesses among us

After three years of passion, hard work, sleeplessness, worries and joys, I am finally able to produce the first opus of Goddess among us.
by Fizzy Beard, Venthône
47% funded
CHF 4’743 pledged
15 days to go
Community and Tourism

Tour d'Europe en camping-car

Nous sommes un jeune couple qui souhaitons acheter un camping-car et partir visiter chaque pays d'Europe. Prendre un an de nos vies pour visiter les endroits les plus atypiques.
by Chiara Malizia and Flo, Lutry
1% funded
CHF 300 pledged
29 days to go
Food, Fair Trade, and Environment

Epicerie vrac Bio Bulk

Bio Bulk c’est la future épicerie zéro déchet, bio et local favorisant le circuit court. Elle sera équipée d’une machine à distribuer de la bière en vrac et d'un moulin à broyer les oléagineux.
by Françoise Maden, Lausanne
77% funded
CHF 27’251 pledged
6 days to go
Food, Startup, and Environment

Leman!c honey spiced rum

Leman!c is the first spiced rum with swiss honey to support the construction of new hives around the lake Geneva region. We are inviting you to discover this tasteful product through this crowdfunding
by Cyril & Tristan, Lausanne
65% funded
CHF 13’030 pledged
23 days to go
Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade


Un paquet de mouchoirs en coton biologique. Une alternative écologique, hygiénique et durable pour réduire nos déchets quotidiens.
by Kevin, Maria, and Nathalie, Lausanne
80% funded
CHF 8’030 pledged
8 days to go
Science and Kids / Youth

Less antibiotics for babies

Too many babies receive antibiotics. For the health of future generations, we need to reduce antibiotic exposure in early-life, while safely treating those in need of these life-saving treatments.
by Eric Giannoni, Varvara Dimopoulou Agri, and Martin Stocker, Lausanne and Lucerne
82% funded
CHF 16’451 pledged
2 days to go
Fashion, Community, and Environment

Rañute - For Women, Period.

The only store where women will find everything they need for their ovarian cycle, a place to look, touch and receive advice. Help us finance our 1st Pop-Up concept store!
by Eléonore and Alexandrawh, Lausanne and Renens
54% funded
CHF 10’990 pledged
23 days to go
Music and Performing Arts

Cinq (ou ce qu'il en reste)

L’association Watifique a besoin de vous pour la création de la comédie musicale «Cinq (ou ce qu’il en reste)» !
by Association Watifique, Lausanne
60% funded
CHF 5’450 pledged
22 days to go
Music and Art

«We Are One» New Album

Claire-Lyse von Dach is pleased to present you the project of her new 12 tracks celtic-shamanic album entitled «We Are One», which should be released at the end of 2020.
by Claire-Lyse von Dach, Lausanne and Lausanne
119% funded
CHF 4’190 pledged
16 days to go
Music, Performing arts, and Art

Ex Nihilo

Il était une fois, un groupe qui rêvait de faire bouger des salles entières. Problème ? Ils étaient fauchés. C'est alors que la fée de la créativité leur apparu et leur lança un défi...
by Shockwave Therapy, Lausanne
128% funded
CHF 1’932 pledged
8 days to go
Exhibition and Photography

Youth&Sport - Female artists

This is a photo exhibition of 8 Hispanic women photographers from across the world who portray stories about the contrast between the fragility of the youth and their strength in playing sports.
by Hispanic Women Photographers, Lausanne
21% funded
CHF 2’140 pledged
23 days to go

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