Colorball ?

Play with colors !

Created for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and PC/Mac, Colorball is a videogame of discovery and fun learning on the theme of color mixing.

Relax and enjoy the Zen universe of Colorball while immerged in a soothing music.

You drive a ball capable of absorbing paint. You move through the game by tilting your tablet phone or joystick to roll the ball. You move in different worlds covered with ice and snow.

Find the paint and then make the right mixtures to validate the gates at each level and unlock new game areas still more complicated.

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Playing rules!

In Colorball, there are several challenges:

  • manage the amount of paint on the ball
  • manage the amount of paint available in puddles
  • validate the gates with the right mix of colors

Throughout the levels, mixtures indicated by gates become more complex and require a highter level of expertise and efficiency.


Why support that project?

Colorball is in line with games that will be developed by Irrelevant Studio.

My first interest in video games lies in the philosophy that is given in the world of independant game developers ; small structures with lots of freedom and originality seeking for innovative concepts to offer new types of games.

This first project will help to provide a new basis in this world in full swing and continue to suggest different games, surprising and uniques.

And these funds, how will they be used?

  • equipment
  • licences
  • rent
  • electricity
  • insurance
  • communication
  • management
  • web hosting
  • pledges

Developing a game like Colorball needs more funds than requested actually. Here, this amount is only used for covering costs.


Stretched goals

If funds raised exceed the requested amount, here is how they will be used:

  • over CHF 35’000 : Adaptation of Android/Windows mobile version
  • over CHF 160’000 : Development of Colorball 2 (including new worlds (universes), new rewards, jumps possibilities, turbo and more).

Colorball is a video game developed by Irrelevant Studio founded in 2013 by myself, Michael Martin in Geneva, in Switzerland.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences in 2003 (HES) and a Bachelor’s degree in visual communication in 2013 (HES-HEAD), I finish a Master’s degree in Media Design at the University of Arts and Design (HEAD) in Geneva.

I’ve worked as a developer/progammer for various private and public companies as well as in in system engineering. Then I turned to art and visual communication. I master the photo, video, editing, special effects and traditionnal illustration. I have practised modelling/3D animation for 10 years now. I also studied music (drums, guitar). All these skills serve me today to develop video games.

And of course, video games occupy a huge place in my heart. I was born in, I play, study, dissect them and create them for my biggest pleasure and I hope for yours soon.