What this project is about

concerto\würzburg is a fine ensemble for chamber music who have specialised on the repertoire of unknown composers. Over the past years they «rediscovered» several of Mozart’s Franconian contemporaries in a series of concerts, and this has formed the wish to record at least a small part of this beautiful repertoire (more on the music later) and make it available to other music lovers, too. Firstly because already significant effort has been invested, for example in locating the manuscripts, secondly because most of these works have never been recorded before.

Why should you back this project?

A distinguished CD project with largely unknown composers is unfortunately no self-seller. We could already win the Hänssler publishing company for the production of CD and booklet, likewise Bavarian Radio will cover the actual recording, and also the City of Würzburg has pledged a part of the production costs.

Nevertheless costs of approximately EUR 7’000 remain without which this CD project cannot be realized.

If you have a fancy for classical music but don’t want to hear only Mozart and Beethoven you can help a small ensemble record some lovely off-repertoire here. And we also put together a list of attractive rewards!

Composers from Würzburg?

In the shadow of the great Mozart lived a multitude of lesser composers whose existence was typically closely connected by the local ruler’s interest in music. Even though the Prince-Bishops of Würzburg weren’t whole-hearted music patrons, there were several composers in Mozart’s time whose life is connected with Würzburg.
This project is about them.

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The Music

The widely traveled Abbé Vogler, who was born in Würzburg and later worked in Mannheim and Darmstadt, Georg Anton Kreusser of Heidingsfeld (nowadays a suburb of Würzburg), leader of the orchestra of the Elector of Mainz for many years, or his teacher Johann Martin Schmitt, violinist in the Würzburg court orchestra, today are forgotten to all but a few cognoscenti.

They composed enticing chamber music which has been slumbering in the archives for the past 250 years. Music where the scores cannot simply be ordered on the internet, of which few if any recordings exist.

But listen! Here is an excerpt from a demo recording with concerto\würzburg from 2008 (mp3 320 kbps):
Abbé Vogler, Flute Quartet No. 5 in A major, No. 3: Rondo

The Ensemble

concerto\würzburg are Verena Fischer (traverso flute), Franz Peter Fischer (violin I), Zsuzsanna Czentnár (violin II), Corina Golomoz (viola), and Dmitri Dichtiar (cello). Founded in 2007, they specialize on bringing unknown chamber music of the classical era back to life on period instruments.

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