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I'm a big supporter of John Axlerod!!!!!
Non c'è umanità senza relazione. E musica e cucina non possono che essere un connubio stupendo affinché la bellezza si faccia Realtà, musica che il Maestro Axelrod riesce a regalare ogni volta lo si ascolta dirigere.
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Comme votre projet nous plaît, il figure actuellement parmi «Nos coups de cœur»! Il apparaîtra tous ces prochains jours sur notre page de démarrage et dans la catégorie «Recommandés».
Une bonne raison d’être fiers et de le faire savoir à tout le monde: publiez une news, un post ou un tweet!
I so wish I could visit Switzerland, and hear your performances, and your immense talent. Music, food, wine, and art is like water for my soul!
Viva John! I put in 500, supporting your work and love you buddy, I SO WISH WE COULD BE THERE! UNTIL THIS PLAGUE PASSES....
It is my wish to support this wonderful project ruled by one of the greatest conductors of our time. I will not be there but I will in spirit.
Always happy to help a fellow Texan spread a little sunshine around this troubled globe.

Rock on brother
We are supporting my long time friend and very talented conductor, John Axelrod, in his newest venture Concerts Culinaries. In these strange times, his goal is to bring the best of living - music and food - to audiences - live and virtual. Won't you join me in that support?