The concept

Statesʼ have Governments, Corporations are steered by a Board of Directors and even organizations of our civil society – Labour Unions for example – function in conjunction with a superordinate governing body or umbrella organization. Should decisions be made publicly or voluntarily as in Democracies or taken in a constrained fashion as in Dictatorships: decisions made by individuals determine a large part of our collective existence. Our societal, economic and political leadership or command is in the hands of a few decision makers and the location and place in which they make their decisions may be pompous, representative and publicly accessible, and sometimes small, inconspicuous and covert.

In any case they are Corridors of Power. They are spaces, which I photographically wish to portray.

The photo book

The series «Corridors of Power» currently consists of approx. 35 images. The portrayed spaces include the UN general assembly in New York, the EU council in Bruxelles and Strasbourg, the Swiss National Assembly in Bern, the parliament in Valetta/Malta, the executive committee of FIFA in Zurich or the meeting room of CGT General Labour Confederation in Paris and many more.

The images are accompanied by an essay written by Bill Kouwenhoven and captures explain some background information. The image composing has mainly be done by Ferco Dregelyvari. The publication is bilingual in German and English.

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The book launch

The book will be launched on the 30. of August at IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil, on the occasion of the exhibition «Speak Truth to Power» – a photographic exhibition on the issue of power and human rights.

  • Eddie Adams «Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World»
  • Luca Zanier «Corridors of Power»
  • Paolo Pellegrin «As I Was Dying»

Why you should back this project?

I’m happy about the fact that a foundation guarantees a big part of the financing of the photo book. But the entire project left a big hole in the budget, including traveling costs, assistants, image processing, editorial work or translations. The project is now on the finishing straight and I need more CHF 8’600 to complete the project. I would be very happy about your support. Great goodies are waiting.

Person involved

  • Luca Zanier, photographer
  • Ferco Dregelyvari, image composing
  • Baumgartner & Annaheim, graphic design
  • Bill Kouwenhoven, essay
  • Constanze Kindel, captures