Project Description

We would like to beta test the metagravy platform. We have chosen the movie Serenity for the beta test.

With the funds from this project we will invite a few core creators to place their creations into the scenes of Serenity the movie, by using the metagravy tools. We will also invite a select few fans to enjoy the enhanced content creations while watching Serenity.

As part of the beta we will learn how to improve metagravy for both the fans and the core creators so the entertainment experience becomes participate and enhanced for all.

This beta test is one of many tests we plan to conduct leading up to a bigger launch making this new contextual art form available to everyone.

This campaign was created as a learning by doing exercise in a course called Launching New Ventures. The creator(s) of this campaign remain fully responsible for verifying the facts and fulfilling the commitments communicated on this page. #LNV15


We have created some fun rewards for the creative fans.

Use of metagravy is subject to the metagravy terms and conditions. This reward system is the current plan. we reserve the right to change this plan at our discretion at any time and that funding is not in consideration of such rewards and these are considered extra benefits to the backer.

What is metagravy?

We have a great deal of passion for Movies, TV and the enormous amount of Fan generated content that both compliments and enhances. We want to make such content more contextualized, discoverable and relevant to what we are watching. And so Metagravy was born…

Why metagravy?

We believe the entertainment experience is better when everyone can participate and share in the story.

How does it work?

We start with three technical building blocks:

  1. a contextual index of video
  2. crowd based population of the index with creative works
  3. Open APIs for discovery and consumption based on the contextual index.

What is the result?

By combining these building blocks; the crowd (fans) create enhanced content (which we call lumps) and then share their content within the context of the original entertainment franchise. Metagravy is an enhanced content creation and discovery community.

What are Lumps?

Lumps are what we call the enhanced content. These could be text, video, graphics, audio, games or other information objects. We call them lumps because they will appear throughout the entertainment experience just like lumps in the gravy (metagravy).