We tell the story of one who sets out to seek happiness. Of course, there are some obstacles. Dead people from the past confront the fortune seeker with his own fears. Finally, he conciliates with the dead – a festive waltz ends the piece and opens the dance floor. «Darf ich bitten?» takes you on a musical journey through time - from the swing of the 20s, through rumba, waltz & co. up to the 90s’ tango.

Fair salaries thanks to your support!

We work hard to create an harmonious and electrifying performance for our audience, which will tour around several Swiss cities. We are on the way to our goal, but only with your support this adventure will become a success! It is our wish to remunerate the performers in a fair way, with your help we can make this happen.

Who’s doing what?

  • We, Linda Magnifico and Elena Morena Weber, had the idea for this piece; a ballroom, ghosts and our omnipresent fears, they all should find expression in this dance piece.
  • Sasha Shlain will compose the music specially for the piece. Sasha on the piano and keyboards and Thomi Geiger on the clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophones will be joining us on stage.
  • Linda choreographs in collaboration with the dancers: Tonatiuh Diaz, Pamela Monreale, Joshua Monten, Mirjam Sutter and Elena Morena Weber.
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We’ll be performing...