In the quiet seclusion of a small basement studio it is bubbling, my debut album! With your help this project, which is very close to my heart, shall see the light of day.

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About Me

My name is Veronica Fusaro and I am a 22-year-old musician from Thun. One of my favourite things to do is to work on new songs in my tiny home recording studio. In 2016 I stepped into the spotlight for the first time with my self-produced EP «Lost In Thought» by winning the newcomer award «Demo of the Year» at the M4Music-Festival. I was then awarded «Best Talent» by SRF3 and nominated for the Swiss Music Award 2017. I have been touring ever since and got the chance to perform on small and big stages, from New Zealand to London and back to Switzerland. I often perform solo and build live multi-instrumental loops with my Loopstation. When I’m on tour with the band, I’m standing on stage with additional three incredible musicians.

My second EP «ICE COLD» was released on February 9th 2018. With the single «Better If I Go» I was asked to perform at the Swiss Music Awards at the Hallenstadion in Zurich, was invited to the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeong Chang and played two showcases at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

With the experience of 136 shows in 2018, 2019 started no less promising: a performance at the Glastonbury Festival in England, a support tour with Eagle-Eye Cherry which included 9 dates in France and the opening slot of a concert by Mark Knopfler in front of 13’000 people in the amphitheater of Nîmes are among the highlights. My latest work «Sunkissed» was released October 4th - an EP with 5 songs. Inspired by sixties soul beats and a touch of Dusty Springfield and Adele, «Sunkissed» sounds much more soulful than before. The new songs are also supposed to be embedded in soulful, organic sounds.

My Project

The «Sunkissed» EP is a deeper dive into the world of sounds from real instruments. Sounds that are allowed to have warmth, corners and edges. If I had to classify the world of the last record into one genre, it would be that of Soul Pop. Pop music, which through soulful instrumentation, melodies and approach of the songs is just «not only» pop music. I want to explore this sound world further in the songs of the album. Guitar and piano will play an even bigger role in the writing process. The motto is honesty. Accordingly, the origin, the place of origin of the songs is still in my small basement home studio. I will write the songs myself and produce them up to a certain point. Afterwards I will work with Paul O’Duffy on the songs and finalize them. Already on the Sunkissed EP I worked with Paul, who immediately understood the vision of the songs.

The goal is to keep my musical work present on a national level and to provide further discussion material for media and future partners on an international level. Concerts and new music play a central role in this. Both are solid arguments to make promo and new music is the driving force for the tour/concerts in 2020/2021.

Most importantly: The songs on the album should trigger emotions and be honest - the dream is to move the world with and through music, step by step.

Live at the Energy Star Night 2019
Live at the Energy Star Night 2019

This is what I need backing for.

In order to finance a part of the production and marketing of my debut album I need your support!

I finance a large part of the costs myself, from income of live concerts, copyright payments but also from private foundations and public funds from the city of Thun and the canton of Bern.

To finance an album production, in contrast to the previous EPs, a much larger amount of money is necessary, which I still have to raise on my own, because I am not yet signed to any big and worldwide operating record company. Therefore I turn to you with my request to support me.

Every support helps! It would make me extremely happy if you decide to contribute to the realization of this project!

Best and take care,


Foto: Nils Sandmeier
Foto: Nils Sandmeier