Elisabeth Plank –Harp

I am a young Austrian harpist and since making my debut in 2008 at the Wiener Konzerthaus I have performed throughout Europe, Canada and Brazil. As a prizewinner at international competitions, I recently won a primo premio assoluto at the International competition «Musica Insieme» in Italy. Recording a CD will be the next big step in my career by allowing me to reach a bigger audience with my music. I would be grateful if you are willing to support me in reaching this goal!


In Austria the harp is still considered a very unusual solo instrument. It is my ambition to show its great variety of sounds in solo recitals. My first CD will contain a versatile program: music featuring sounds one does not expect from a harp!

Your support

Producing a CD is very complex and thus also very expensive. With your support I could pay for the following:

  • Recording the CD
  • Producing the CD (cost of material)
  • Booklet (texts, graphic design, photos)
  • Marketing

Your support would not go unrewarded: you can choose from various rewards, plus you are helping me to reach an important step in my career!

« «New Names», the name of the concert series […] not only new, but also very promising names. The delighted audience received that impression by all  means. [...] while the hands, the fingertips are caressing the strings and the notes are sparkling softly. That way sound the lute suite by Bach, the sonata for harp by Hindemith, solemnly Gabriel Faurè’s Impromptu. One of the highlights: «Maqamat», a piece by Ami Maayani (b. 1936).« (Passauer Neue Presse, 27.10.2014, by Maritta Pletter)

Up-coming performances: