What is...?

Pixie Paris, consisting of the Belgian Cindy, living in Hamburg (vocals and lyrics) and Matete from Winterthur (music), have kept their independence in spite of a surprise hit («popmusic»), a chart entry and the following major declarations of love. They are still cooking their own soup. An exquisite broth containing a pinch of NDW, a lot of Pop and Electro, a nuance of Trash and a very subtle flair for the cooking time of melodies and arrangements. International tours have brought Pixie Paris to New York, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, Hamburg, Berlin, Shanghai, Peking and Frauenfeld.

Their debut album will be produced by their own label PXPRS. From recording to production and mixdown in Matete’s studio to booking, labelling, video clips and poster art-work, everything is done bei Cindy and Matete themselves. Sadly the small label-budget doesn’t cover mastering, cd fabrication, promotion and artwork. And this is where you come in.

Your support:

We need your support and will be greatful for any help. Your will be mentioned in the cd booklet and we offer great goodies such as signed albums, tickets to the concerts, guest list entries, shirts and much, much more.

Your support can make an extraordinary pop project full of heart and soul come true.