A creative culinary centre

Merging concept store and kitchen lab, Deli Social is a creative culinary centre open to all. Anyone can grab something to eat at the seasonal lunch counter, browse the culinary magazine library, or attend a foodie exhibition, event or workshop.

Combining surprising flavours and local ingredients, Deli Social’s lunch counter will be a delicious day-time destination. The regularly changing menu of sandwiches, snacks and soft-serve ice creams will feature foraged, pickled, fermented, seasonal and sustainable products. A large selection of soft drinks from small-scale producers in Switzerland and Europe will also be available to try.

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Home to a unique residency program

Deli Social’s kitchen and workspaces also serve the Mise en Place residency program. Merging artist residency and business incubator, the program offers a unique opportunity to new cultural and entrepreneurial projects working with food and drink.

For periods of up to 10 months, associates will benefit from working alongside like-minded people, being part of a larger culinary network and having the time, space and facilities to develop their ideas.

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Support the future of food

From the products on the lunch counter, to the materials used in the space, social, environmental and economic sustainable development are key to Deli Social’s ethos. This includes supporting the Mise en Place Association, small and independent food producers, setting accessible prices, using sustainable delivery methods and packaging as well as developing a diverse community of creatives, foodies and local residents.

Deli Social is looking forward to becoming part of the Tunnel community in Lausanne. Your support will help us equip our test kitchen for our new culinary residents and to launch our delicious concept store at the beginning of the summer.

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