Help us to democratize the delivery of bulk and eco-responsible products at home, everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland !

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 30/6/2022


Our concept is simple: order your products in bulk and eco-responsible online, select the desired delivery date and…voilà! The used containers are consigned, then recovered and refunded with the next order. They are then cleaned and reused for the packaging of other products.

At this time and after a little more than 2 years of activity, our company needs financial support to be able to evolve and meet the growing demand. Without this funding, it will be difficult for us to ensure a quality of service in line with our ambitions, and almost impossible to make the company sustainable due to its small scale.

💻 Currently, our website does not meet our requirements anymore. It has many bugs that we cannot correct without a complete redesign.

🍐 In addition to that, we need to expand our assortment to better meet everyone’s needs, so that our customers can find all their favorite products in one place. We also plan to add an assortment of organic, seasonal and local fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, the choice of our assortment is not left to chance. Our team is committed to selecting as many local, organic and high quality products as possible. We also offer artisanal products, whether they are food, hygiene, cosmetics or household products.


Our values and activities are directly in line with an eco-responsible approach: promoting short circuits, encouraging people to reduce their waste and to consume in a local and ethical way. Our goal is to be able to encourage a sustainable way of consuming food in Switzerland.

❓How the DELIVRAC.CH❓ adventure started

Faced with strong competition from supermarkets and their home delivery service, we wanted to make bulk, artisanal products and products from small producers in French-speaking Switzerland, accessible to everyone.

Many people would like to shop in eco-responsible grocery stores, but don’t necessarily have one near their home, have reduced mobility or simply don’t have the time or vehicle available.

💡It is in fact following these observations that was created by 5 students in the framework of a project of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis. The pilot project was launched from February 2019 to July 2019. Then, Jeremy, one of the students took over the project alone, to keep it going, and was joined in early 2020 by Sara.

🌱 By supporting this project, you prove your interest in a more sustainable way of consumption and the need to act against global warming. You defend strong ecological values and offer the possibility for a local company to establish its position as an actor in tomorrow’s world.

⬇️ What is the place of sustainability at DELIVRAC.CH? ⬇️


Thanks to this participatory funding, we will be able to:

💥 Make a redesign of our website in order to offer a better ease of ordering and navigation

💥 Avoid stock-outs by increasing our stock of products

💥 Expand our product assortment

💥 To make us better known in French-speaking Switzerland

💥 Invest in equipment and jars (if we want to follow with the expansion of our stock !)

And if additional milestones were reached, we could take our adventure further by:

🔷 Becoming a limited company

🔷 Developing our own delivery offer everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland, without depending on an external provider

🔷 Rethinking our locker system, in order to make bulk home delivery even easier

🔷 Hiring staff for the preparation of orders and the management of the premises