Be part of a thrilling and unique short film that shows, how our persuasion is influenced by people’s stories and can change very quickly depending on the(ir) angle of view.

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Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. 
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. 
― Marcus Aurelius

What it’s about

The story in «Delusive», similar to ones we watch, hear and read about in our everyday life, is told in different point of views, making the audience look at the characters in a different light each time. Never judge too quickly before you know all the facts and don’t forget: every story has its own tale…

Why we need your Support

We are a young, creative and motivated team that has realized some awarded no-budget films. Now we’re ready to go to the next level: make a 15-minute short film with professional actors. Not only do we have to pay salaries, equipment and requisites but also the expenses in the post production. Help us fulfill our dream so we can offer you first class, exciting entertainment. Thank you!

Log Line

If «Pulp Fiction» was a short film with a message..


In a nightly town’s back yard a man is pointing his gun at a kneeling person whose head is covered in old-fashioned granny underpants. Dozens of glass shards are shattered all over the place. Due to the heavy gasping the bloody part of the fabric is getting sucked into the mouth and blown out over and over. It appears to be a brutal execution and the forthcoming shot could be fired at any moment. However, sometimes appearances are deceiving.

Trailer Shooting



  • Eliad Lienhardt (Writer and Director)
  • Sandeep Abraham (Director of Photography)
  • Neil Raouf (Sound Design)
  • Diana Kottman (Producer)
  • Thomas Oehrli (Producer)
  • Liv Rainolter (Make-Up Artist)
  • Ranja Kamal (Support)
  • Corina Thöny (Support)
  • Simona Vallicotti (Support)

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