This is what it's all about.

Would you like to increase crop diversity in Switzerland and support small producers? Are you a farmer yourself and would you like to diversify your production? Or are you looking for new ideas for your vegetable garden?

If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, this project is for you!

We at ZHAW are indeed developing a tool to identify new ideas of alternative agricultural products. These are for example exotic or forgotten varieties of fruits and vegetables. In a first step, we will establish a database, which will contain edible plants that are compatible for production in Switzerland. The adaptability depends on the climate and soils but also whether it is possible to find buyers for the new products. Our new tool will become a valuable instrument for people cultivating land because it will bring together information on agronomic requirements of plants and marketing aspects. The results will be shown understandably and attractively on a digital platform. This way, producers and gardeners will be able to identify new products that are adapted to their location and preferences. This tool will be free and accessible for all because we want to support an independent and innovative agriculture and increase the content of the Swiss food basket with many new products!


Our project is special because ...

In a context of climate change and strong economic pressures, diversification brings many environmental and economic benefits for producers. We developed this project together with actors from agriculture. It is clear that a platform with ideas for diversification and the possibility of exchanges with other producers is greatly needed. That is why we are launching this campaign. We want to support farmers towards a more sustainable agriculture and prepared for the changes of the future.


This is what we need backing for.

Your support will be used to establish the necessary research bases for our tool, i.e. to answer the question: which new crops are adapted to the different regions of Switzerland now and in the future? Each franc received represents an additional culture integrated into our tool! However, our project will not end there. Once this database is set up, this information will be made available to all in a digital and user-friendly way to promote large-scale diversification. An information and exchange platform will be put online to also facilitate exchanges between users. Hence, in the near future, producers will be supported by a whole community in their efforts to adopt new plants and will be able to overcome the current barriers to a more diverse and independent agriculture.

To thank you for your donations, we offer a lot of rewards that will allow you to learn more about agricultural diversity, to discover new products or to directly start cultivating old varieties on your balcony or in your garden with our gifts of ProSpecieRara seeds.

We thank you very warmly for your donation!

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