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This is what it's all about.


My name is Drago. I was born over 40 years ago in a small village of Valais. My creator, an old sailor and shipbuilder, was a man accustomed to rise to the challenge of the construction of enormous structures built to precision, entrusted to him thanks to his vast experience.

One night I appeared in one of his dreams, which mixed memories of faraway and melancholic journeys. From nothing I took shape & my final appearance continued to haunt the spirit of this man so that he drew some sketches of my anatomy with precise detail.

From fleeting visions, I became his everyday companion: working in his cellar-studio, piece by piece he made me with perseverance and expertise. From companion I became love.

Time passed, nocturnal visions became more precise and certain parts of my anatomy were crafted and crafted yet again. He took great pains with every detail determined to attain perfection. From love I became obsession.

In 1988 my creator died and I became an orphan. He took with him the secret of my final appearance and the sum of all his reflections.

In a miserable state, I stayed several years in pieces, incomplete, alone in the dark.

My creator’s grandson, who had inherited his passion for metal, took me to Montpellier where he had his forge. After uncountable attempts and sleepless nights trying to understand what I should be, he threw in the towel. From orphan I became mystery and misunderstanding.

This is when my godmother, Cléo, presented me to an artist in welding who fell in love with me and took me back to Switzerland. From mystery I became bit by bit love, hatred and despair. My conception was so brilliant that it took him more than 10 years to find the subtleties and finally make me as I am. Finally I became myself and took my wings to return near to the ashes of my creator in Valais.

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This is what I need backing for.

I am now in front of you asking you to help Cléo, & to contribute to the financing of my adornment of a thousand scales. I would like my appearance to resist time and I know that she will look after me, thanks to you.

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My project is special because ...

This project shows that with love, patience and perseverance, we are able to overcome all the difficulties.

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