A successful business idea - own electric car factory

The basic concept of our project is based on unconventional methods of automotive production, distribution, and rental service, which can even be realized on a global scale. Our production employs a module-system, and assorted services are built around the core business, applying full digital technology. We designed multifunctional stations that will produce, service, distribute and provide rental service at the same time.

The solar powered stations play a central role in our project, which will also operate as a very modern, and highly functional solar powered assembly factory, bio restaurant, conference hall and educational centre. The solar powered digital charging columns will be placed around the station, and can be installed anyplace where electric vehicles are being used. A special recreational park and a testing/racing field can compliment each station.

The Bontino e-car is built using a special easy-to-assemble module-system that enables low cost production, speedy transportation and shipping, as well as easy assembly and repair.

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A la carte - multifunctional e-car assembly station

The size of the two-storey station can be 1100m2 or 2200m2, with the assembly plant located at the ground floor. Our electric vehicles will be transported to the assembly factory in a ’kit’ format. Using the module-system, an e-Car can be assembled within hours. According to the type of model, the workers can assemble up to 20-50 e-Cars per day. Each of these stations would cover a certain region, which enables the functionality of the franchise system.

Next to charging the batteries of electric vehicles, additional services will also be offered through the charging columns, in directly connection with the station and the bio food bar. Assisted by an easy-to-use touch-screen, clients may charge batteries in ’normal’ or ’fast’ mode, rent-a-car, or order food directly from the restaurant.

The bio food restaurant and fresh juice bar located at the second floor of the station, will serve visitors and process delivery orders. The restaurant will exclusively use fresh biological ingredients.

Our station features a spacious and well-equipped conference hall for training, meeting and conference purposes. It is also an ideal place to provide «green» educative lectures to scholars and visitors.

The station can feature elegant office spaces; an exclusive showroom, an accessory shop, travel agent and the assembly facility can also include a spare-parts warehouse. A large recreational park and leisure centre can be situated around the station, to please visitors with fascinating architecture and the latest technology. Next to this, the station can include a testing/racing ground as well.

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Do it fast ! One man assembles a car in one hour

The most important task before the manufacturing is to include all the experiences from the testing period into the final draft, to give the final form of the structural assembly. This is the time, when the final element of the project, is done: the new lightweight chassis gets its last correction to adjust it to the size of our own-developed battery. The fast-assembled car will be presented end in December 2018.

Our goal is: one car to be completely assembled by one man in one hour - ready for the road.

BRIXXON production plant for electric vehicle and battery in Beringen / Schaffhausen / Switzerland.

Headquarters, development / prototyping center - in Trostberg / Upper-Bavaria / Germany.

The mass production of the first Bontino’s models as a kit – a pick-up and a box version – will start beginning of Summer 2019.

Support us / work with us !

With your great help we will finalize all the processes and end in December we can show you the fastest assembled electric car in the world.