Origin and projet conception

On reading Dürrenmatt’s Minotaur I was inspired to create a choreography of ’Tu minotauro es tu laberinto eres tu’ set to the music of Antonio Robledo. During this process, I noticed that Flamenco dance is perfectly suited to interpret the works of this unique Swiss writer. This ignited my passion and during the past year I developed a project concept as well as several choreographic approaches.


Our aim

Together with my dance company Danzarte I intend to elaborate the production of «Dürrenmatt im Tanz / dancing Dürrenmatt» in 2017. With an artistic approach, we will visualize the significance of Dürrenmatt’s works and bring them into context using current affairs. The aim of this production is a performance-ready concept with its premiere in the beautiful showroom of the Centre Dürrenmatt in Neuchâtel. Therefore, we have already presented our project to the Centre Dürrenmatt who have given us ideological support and offered us the possibility of a performance at their centre.

The «Dürrenmatt im Tanz» programme takes place in an alternating dialogue between the recited texts of an actor, music and dance.

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To realise this projet we need your help

To finance the production of «Dürrenmatt im Tanz» we still need a minimum of 11’000.– CHF. The costs are made up of choreography and direction works, costumes, one actor, two dancers, 6 weeks rent of a dance studio, technician, copyright and administration.