Is this feeling familiar to you...

You are obsessed with an idea and you are sure it’s gonna work out. You are inspired, motivated and fulfilled by this idea. You can work on the idea for hours for free…it’s not about money. At one point this idea is not just an idea. It turned into something real and this something is like a little baby.

In my case this baby is a performance.

And i wish this baby performance could explore the world, grow and develop.


Therefore I need your support..

The performance «Duet for two tongues» is invited to SoloDuo festival in Cologne and participation in this festival would mean a lot to me-young choreographer.

Both wonderful performers i have created the performance with (for the «Young Choreographers» evening at the Staatstheater Brunswick) are not able to take part at the festival. This means i have to make a second cast for the performance, to find two performers who have to learn and rehearse the piece. We will need to rent a rehearsal space and apron. 15 hours of rehearsals. The rehearsals should be paid. Furthermore, the festival is not able to pay the travel costs, accommodation and the show.

I need your support people and i believe in the CROWD POWER!!:)

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Performance description

Without this small hidden body part we would not be able to speak to each other, would not be able to perceive taste and would not be able to enjoy a french kiss. Tongue is the most movable body part, it moves most of the time, even when we are asleep. The tongue movements mostly happen inside the mouth, they stay private, hidden. Sometimes so private, that they turn into a taboo. French kiss in public for example is strictly forbidden in some countries. Even kids are often being told not to stick their tongues out. Me and my two collaborators explores the functions of the tongue and creates a performance where the tongue becomes public and it’s usually invisible for a spectator movements become visible.


  • Idea& Concept: Anna Aristarkhova
  • Performers: Anna Fingerhuth and Charles Washington
  • Music:«I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time» by The Andrews Sisters
  • Fotos, camera (youtube video) : Anton Soloveychik
  • Dramaturgic Assistance, Text exerpts: Philipp Amelungsen