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New Cd by Duo Granato, Sax&Piano.

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The new CD of the Duo

The new CD of the Duo Granato will include music by composers such as Piazzolla and Rota, largely adapted and arranged by the artists. The new album includes Nino Rota’s classic Italian music of the twentieth century, which is the music of a famous composer who has written not only soundtracks, but also precious chamber music. The Nuevo Tango from Astor Piazzolla will then take you to Argentina, where you will get to know the Tanguero from Buenos Aires even better. The musical journey of the duo will then reach Greece with the evocative suite Hellenique by Pedro Iturralde. The duo then returns to Italy, in the deep south, in the Sicily of forgotten and rediscovered art, with spasimo fragments of the famous Giovanni Sollima. The last piece is a rag-time of the composer Jean Matitia, the Devil’s Rag

Sax and piano as you never heard it

The chamber music for saxophone and piano is very young (compositions all belong to the last 100 years). The realization and execution of a research, which looks at the vastness of the world genres and music cultures, requires a lot of effort and a lot of creativity. Our project, often presented in concert, want to embrace a part of another music culture which shared by the two instruments that reproduce it. In addition, the duo uses some percussion instruments that enrich the effect and performance of the pieces.

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Realizing a CD costs

This is not our first experience: In the year 2015 we recorded the CD Desert Sketches and we know what costs are coming to us. The recording studio, the graphic artist for the cover sheet, the photographer for the brochure, the copyright, the CD printing and so on. These are demanding costs for the artists. We are very active in the further development and improvement of our repertoire, we promote and propose our ideas and our musical projects, work hard and do not surrender to the many difficulties faced by two young artists, especially in Italy. Our audience always appreciates our work with great enthusiasm. We have also received important awards in Italy and abroad at various competitions. The money you donate is used to create a very high-quality product: recording, editing, brochure, photo and advertising texts, everything is provided in the smallest detail.