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This is what it's all about.

Hector Castillo - producer of David Bowie and other internationally recognized musicians is offering the possibility to record an album with Fred this February. Help to realize that dream!


Landscapes of brasilian music

Freds new Album will be caracterized by compositions that reflect the many influences of contemporary brasilian music - elements from spanish and portuguiese music that is shaped by the cultural interchange with the arab world is as present as musical elements from the african continent. Fred is drawing an open and culturally rich picture of Brasil through his melodies and touches the listener with his poetic lyrics.

This is what I need backing for.

The costs for an album production are high. $20’000 US will be needed for the realization. This crowdfunding is meant to support Freds own investments. Fred lives as musician in Lissbon with his daughter and supports his family in Brasil.

Total cost overview:

Studio rent for 10 days: $4’500 Flights: $2’000 Salary Production: $5’000 Salary Recording: $2’500 Mixing: $4’000 Grafic design and print of albums: $2’000