Elfi’s – out of love to baking

A lot of customers asked me if I can offer an extraordinary buffet, something you don’t see each day. As I want to combine the practical with the customer’s wishes, I want to ad a small ’bee’ Piaggio Ape 50 to my catering service. With the small Ape 50, I could give your event a special, elegant and unique touch. The delivery of my cakes and tartlettes would be way easier and I would help to make your wedding,- birthday or businessevent, as well as your attendance to a fair to an unforgettable day for you and your guests.

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What am I using your contribution for?

With the money raised on ’wemakeit’, I will cover parts of the costs to buy the Ape50. It will be rebuild to the required standards, get a new coat and logo. Part of the financing is secured, now I need your help to raise the rest and to realise the project.

My aim is for you to be completely happy and can simply look forward to your big or small event.


What do you get from me?

You find my rewards for your contribution under ’REWARDS’ . Go and have a look, I am sure you will find something you like.


Who is behind Elfi’s

Years of baking experience in her own Cafè in New Zealand encouraged Monika (Mimi) Schürch in 2014 to go and learn the technics of classic and modern cake decoration. Through specific training in Switzerland, Germany and England, she was able to evolve her techniques, so that nearly any customers’ request can be met. What started as a hobby, is meanwhile a regular passion, extending and refining her choice of products.

Thank you Nicole Kym, http://nicole.gallery/ for letting me use your picture.

Qui se cache derrière Elfi’s?

Encouragée par de nombreuses années d’expérience en boulangerie, dans son propre Café et aussi en Nouvelle Zélande, Monika (Mimi) Schürch commence l’apprentissage de nouvelles techniques de décoration de gâteaux en 2014, jusqu’à maîtriser les techniques à la fois classiques, mais aussi modernes – toujours pleines de fantaisie.

Au cours de différentes formations spécifiques suivies à travers la Suisse, l’Allemagne et l’Angleterre, ses capacités de développement et d’adaptation évoluèrent constamment pour permettre aujourd’hui à 99% la réalisation des souhaits des clients. Ce qui, au depart, était un loisir est au fil du temps devenu une passion, dont l’offre constante est en perpétuelle évolution.

Merci à Nicole Kym pour l’autorisation de publier cette image – http://nicole.gallery/